Successful Lake Party

The fall garden is starting to take shape and it’s nice to start seeing the rows going green again. I’m trying acorn squash again after swearing never to waste the space twice before. Ditto a variety of melon. Between nematodes underground and boring bugs above ground, neither ever amounted to anything. So if everything succeeds and I project ahead to late October-early November we should be picking cucumbers, tomatoes -cherry, plum and regular-, green peppers, pole beans, squash -butternut, acorn, spaghetti and zucchini-, eggplant, cabbage, and Amy melon. It’s possible I’ll be able to squeeze in some broccoli and kale but that’s more toward the end of November into early December depending on September weather. It’s a real stretch to think everything will go perfectly and that we’ll be eating all those crops but we did so much better this summer than previously, it would be stupid not to try. In my mind the difference has been fewer bugs this year and maybe that will hold on into the fall.

A very old friend, Gerry Gilbreath, stayed with us for a couple of days. Basically he and I spent 2 days out on the dock talking, on the lake fishing, and drinking an occasional adult beverage. It had been a few years since we’d seen each other and quite a few years since we’d been alone together so we had lots of catching up to do. We even managed to catch a couple of bass.

Last evening I decided to spend the last hour of light fishing so I walked down to the poke boat and turned it over. In two days it had become infested with fire ants. Luckily it was obvious before I moved it to the water and hop in – that really would have been a disaster. George happened to be sitting on his dock and suggested that we just take his boat out and fish around. So I put off spraying the boat with insecticide and we took off fishing. I didn’t expect much because our fishing style is so different but he has a good depth finder and this was an opportunity to see just how deep the water was around the shoreline. Nothing was biting but it was still fun just casting around and enjoying the last light on the lake. Just before we gave it up, I had a really smashing hit and landed a nice fish – a five pound bass. By the time we got to the dock, weighed and photographed (kind of) the fish, it was pitch dark and Nancy was in the house concerned that I was out on the lake or maybe, in the lake. Usually I’m back home before it really gets dark. The picture taking was funny because George has a phone with a camera but no digital plan so he can’t send the picture anywhere and has no way of getting the photo from the phone to his computer. At least he doesn’t think he does. So you have to ask yourself why you would bother taking a picture when you can’t get it off a phone. Turns out it didn’t matter – he went to look at the pictures he’d taken and found out he was out of memory so the fish pictures were never stored.

The barbecue lake party came off without a hitch. We ordered the food from our local, side of the road barbecue guy and it was perfect – as it has been on the two other occasions we’ve used him. The final head count was 18 and we had plenty of food left over. The first arrival was just at noon and the last departure was at 7pm. As you might expect the lake was the big hit with lots of swimming, kayaking, boating, tubing, fishing and just sitting on the dock watching everybody have fun. The kids had a ball catching shiners and bluegills off the dock – even had them taking their own fish off the hook. It was certainly hot but there was usually a cooling breeze off the lake and when it got too bad, a plunge cooled things off.

In case you were wondering, I’m not going to comment on what a complete mess Obama has made of the Middle East. Presidential dither is an embarrassment. “We’re really angry and going to bomb you or something but you still have time to move all the real targets”. Has to remind you of Carter screwing up Iran and Clinton bombing the pharmacy and tents in the desert. This guy consistently manages to put himself (and the country) in lose-lose situations – modeling our foreign policy after France’s. I think you can justify doing anything or not doing anything regarding the Middle East but to waffle and flip-flop, is something only a loser does.

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