How to Stop Bleeding

We hadn’t been swimming in the lake for a few days during which time, we had a few inches of rain. That made quite a difference in the temperature of the water which dropped from hot tub warm to refreshingly cool. It would have felt great had it been a really hot day but it was overcast so the warmer water would have been preferred. Just to calibrate you on what wimps we are, cooler means probably 85 degrees.

Nancy has really thin skin, literally. A couple of days ago she brushed up against a concrete statue we have on the front deck and it scraped off a thin, thin layer of skin about 1/2” x 1/2”. It would have been absolutely nothing for most people but it started bleeding big time. She was literally dripping blood all the way back to the bathroom where we finally went to work on it. I tried pressure, an ice pad, and finally an extra large bandaid. It bled right through that so I went to a large gauze pad, doubled and then taped on tightly. It mostly saturated that but did stop. It took an hour to clean up all the blood from the carpets, tile, quilts and towels. You would have thought a major artery had been severed. That evening she took a bath and it started bleeding again. I thought maybe we were headed for the emergency room so I went online and googled “how to stop bleeding” and came up with a site of home remedies. The first was to soak a cloth in salt water and hold that on the wound for 2 minutes. It almost worked but had too much sting for Nancy. I actually think that would have worked on a tougher patient. The next was to cover it with flour or corn starch. I knew exactly where the flour was so took that route. I could tell right away this was going to work. I probably used a couple of tablespoons and patted it around any spot where it leaked through. Sure enough in a couple of minutes, no bleeding. I put a large bandage over it and everything was just fine. The next evening I removed the bandage and it looked pretty well healed and there was no sign of the flour. I was expecting to see a large, dried clot of flour and blood and wondered what would happen when that came off.

Tangled is done, hair and all. I think this is going to be as big a hit as Snow White was last year.

Ready for Halloween
Ready for Halloween
Modeling Tangle's Hair
Modeling Tangle’s Hair

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