Root Canal Step 2

OK, enough rain already. Luckily we’re not getting the same drenching rains that much of the area around us is experiencing but the small, daily doses have added up. The lake is sitting at normal levels now and my neighbors field is getting squishy. An old buddy is going to spend a couple of days with us this week and we have a party scheduled for next Saturday so a little drying out would be nice. By my definition, we’re about 8-10” below “full” which is a good place to be in mid August. We literally have room for another 2’ before it would overflow the banks and even though we’re coming into the peak period for tropical storms, I think we’re just fine.

I had the second tranche of root canal work yesterday. It was another fun filled two hours, again completely painless. This time was interesting. He pulled out the temporary stuff, made sure all the infection and grib was gone, filled the canals (4) with permanent filling and then finished off the whole tooth with regular filling. What made it interesting was that he did most of the work under a scope that was projected onto a monitor so I could watch the whole micro job as it was going on.

You’ve heard of chicken parmesan; you’ve heard of eggplant parmesan; you’ve heard of pizza. Tonight I made chicken eggplant parmesan pizza. It could be called a masterpiece of pizza design and it was really tasty. I’d go into more detail but need to get it properly patented first.
Tangled is making progress but not so much visible progress. A lot of fine work and trim going on and Nancy had to break out the serger for that. I think the next big, visible part of the project is the hair.

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