Our Own First Responder, Responds First

I mentioned burning two bay trees in the last post but while that was going on, something interesting was happening. The burn pit was full of wood even before I started on the bay trees so there was a really large pile of brush that I’d built adjacent to it. I set pit on fire and then started attacking the bay trees one branch at a time by pulling out a branch, cutting it into pieces with loppers and then pitching the cut pieces onto the fire. Soon after I started I noticed two rabbits come out of the jungle about 100’ away and hop over to the brush pile I was working. They came within 20’ of me and just sat their watching. When I walked toward the pile to get a new branch, they’d hop back towards the jungle. When I carried it to the fire, they’d hop back to the pile. A few times they hopped over to within 10’ of the roaring blaze and just sat there looking at it. Clearly they were not afraid of me or the fire which belies their reputation as skittish critters. All this happened in the center of a 2 acre field which also means they had no fear of attack from the air so I think the owls and hawks are asleep on the job.

Simon got back from his Teton experience with his Wilderness First Responder Certificate, was home for one day and then off to Gainesville. On the way into town he hears this loud crash and sees a girl riding a motor scooter and an SUV have a collision. He’s the first responder on the scene. The girl was bleeding from her head, no helmet, and from a big cut on her leg and was pretty shaken up. Si got her head stabilized, told Julia to call 911, and within a few minutes there was a cop on the scene to help move her and then an EMT showed up. How’s that for a coincidence and a chance to put all that training into service right away.

The cucumbers played out so I pulled the vines down from the trellis and into the compost pile. Towards the end a few had attracted boring insects but we literally harvested dozens of perfect fruit. This was a real bonus crop since we never expected to be picking fresh cucumbers in July and August. Last week I planted 3 more cuc seeds and those have already germinated. Maybe we’ll have a fall crop as well. I’m planting pole bean seeds today where the cuc’s formerly resided. Also transplanting tomato seedlings from the starter medium to larger containers today. Weather behaving, these will probably start hitting the real garden in early September.

For Nancy, this is the height of Halloween costume season and Tangled, aka Rapunsel, is on the agenda this season. She’s been working on it fairly steadily since we got back from North Carolina and it’s starting to take shape as the little pieces come together.

Tangled's gown taking shape
Tangled’s gown taking shape

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