More about the NC Trip

I forgot I had a few pictures in the camera so didn’t post them with the trip report. There were many other cameras flashing all week and many posts on social media so I didn’t bother. Depending on where they put the tubes in the river, the tubing run was from 1-3 hours and it was made several times a day, every day.

little Tenn from the deck
little Tenn from the deck

tubers approaching deck
tubers approaching deck
tubers landing
tubers landing

Another flashback to the trip. Who knew that Simon had turned into the campground troubadour. He brought his guitar and Uke and serenaded us every evening around the fire pit. He knows lots of group songs and had a very special rendition of “Happy Birthday” for Joanne. And as an update, he’s at the Grand Teton Science school just outside Jackson Hole WY right now and performed one of this favorites, “the River Song” at open mic night.

I spent 3 hours cleaning up the garden on Sunday and another 3 on Monday. It was amazing how many weeds had popped in just a week. My normal daily routine is to check on the garden in the AM and spend about an hour tweaking which includes picking the few weeds that had popped up overnight so I never got the feeling of just how many weeds I was picking over the course of a week. That other thing that surprised me was the growth of the cucumbers on the new trellis. Wow. There were a few blossoms and micro cuc’s on the vines when we left and now there are pickable ones and incredible foliage climbing. I picked 2 and my neighbor said they picked 4 last week. In the pic the cuc’s are on the left and pole beans on the right. It’s amazing to have both of these crops in August. I expected nothing and was just hoping to see how the trellis performed with some weight on it. You’ll also notice that I cleaned out a large piece of the garden and tilled it. What is most appreciated by the locals is the color of the soil. Trust me, that is not typical Florida soil which is usually a light gray sand. That rich top soil is more than 6” deep over 100% of the garden just crying out to be planted. I’ll start some seeds indoors this week and start populating the garden in September.

cuc's and pole beans
cuc’s and pole beans

I checked the rain gauges and found we had picked up 3” over the past week. We’re still in a wet pattern so I have every reason to believe we’ll fill or come close to filling the lake this season, even without a tropical storm. That means we’ll set up for a lake party over the Labor Day weekend, probably on Saturday. I’m also starting to think we may have a banner speckled perch season this fall. With the low water, we caught virtually none for the past two years so the lake should be chock full of big, fat perch. I’m also thinking there will be plenty just off the dock this year because of the new lily pads in the vicinity. These popped up when the water level dropped – the lower level meant the sunlight could penetrate into areas that were heretofore too deep – and that fostered new plants.

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