NC Trip and Dorian

The lake came up another 3” in the past few days so I’m gaining confidence that we’ll be able to host a summer lake event in August or maybe Labor Day. Another foot will cement it. The fish must have some kind of broad band communication system because the number and size of the fish showing up at feeding time is increasing every day. The last to show up are the giant bluegill/bream. I guess it could be that with the water rising they’re moving closer to shore but a large part of it has to be me spreading a pound or so of the fish feed around the dock every day. Plenty of turtles too although I haven’t seen any of the softshells yet. I haven’t lowered the boat into the water yet but I could for sure. Probably do that when we get back from NC.

You may be surprised to learn that bluegills can see through lily pads. If one of the little food pellets lands on top of a pad, in short order one will spot it (from underneath) and poke through the bottom of the pad to get at it. That’s pretty amazing since the pads are not transparent and are fairly thick so it’s surprising that they can see there’s something on top of the pad and even more surprising that they have the ability to poke a hole in the pad to get at it. Even when I’m not feeding them, you can hear bluegills popping holes in the pads to get at insects that have landed on a pad.

Well I got thru my gauntlet of doc’s with no problems at all; good numbers top to bottom. The final hurdle was the dentist for an annual cleaning and checkup. Got thru the cleaning and then the dentist came in to do a final check. Sure enough he spotted a little something that turned out to be a dead tooth under a cap which would need something like a root canal. Our guy doesn’t do such things but made a referral to a compatriot in Daytona – Nancy had some special work done by the same guy a few years back and was ok with him. There’s no emergency but something that should be addressed before too long – I think Nancy already has me set up for a visit the day after we get home. They said I could take up to 8 advils a day if necessary. That made me feel much better! Honestly, I am not hurting at all and wish I didn’t even know about it.

Nancy is making the last batch of sauce for a few weeks. This batch will be used to make the lasagna for the NC trip this weekend. Speaking of the trip – wouldn’t you know it that a tropical storm, Dorian, has formed and is generally heading in the direction of the East coast. The current projection has it in the vicinity of Puerto Rico next Tuesday which makes it a possible issue for us toward the end of our trip. We’ll just have to keep our eyes on it and act accordingly.

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