Bass Cruisin’

The fish feeding project is paying dividends. When I started a few weeks back there were virtually no fish to be seen. Within a few days little bluegills were showing up and after a couple of weeks, the onslaught of shiners and larger bluegill mentioned in the last post. Today the first large bass showed up and made a couple of slashes into the feeding shiners. There were two bass I would guess to be in the 3-4# range. The speed of their charges is unbelievable. I’m guessing these guys will be in the 5-6# range in short order based on the ready availability of choice shiners.

Not much going on in the garden these days in terms of actual harvesting except for tomatoes which are on their last legs. There are baby eggplants forming and the cuc’s are putting out little mini guys. The plants are climbing the trellis really nicely so that’s working out as planned. The late planted pole beans are likewise climbing the trellis and reaching 10’. I still have doubts about actually getting any beans or cuc’s this late in the summer but we’ve had lots of overcast days and not the usual swarms of butterflies and the resulting caterpillars. If we do have success, we should be picking right after coming back from North Carolina in a couple of weeks.

I think I mentioned that July is normally a bad month because all my annual checkup things happen. It’s really a drag because each visit also involves two trips – one to get blood tests and one to review the results. This year it’s even worse because somehow the dental visit also happens. So on Thursday I go to the doc then to the dentist. That’s just not right. I need a new scheduler.

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