No Mo Gator

As I said, the case should never have been brought to trial. It was a political decision, not a law enforcement decision. And, also as I said, there was no rioting. This is Central Florida, not Detroit or Cleveland. Certainly there would be emotions on both sides but Seminole County is populated by rationale citizens. I hear the Rev Al is coming to town to stir the pot. What a surprise. I had to laugh when the Rev Jackson said that a jury that was all female was not fair. That should have caused a few lib hearts to flutter.

Update – I’m at the 6 month point and 55 shaves into the Shave Secret product test and still not at 50% on the juice. The stuff is amazing but what’s really amazing is that I haven’t dropped the 18 ml container and messed up the test. I probably missed a drop or two when trying to measure out 3 drops each time but at this point, I can say that for sure it would last me a year and give me 125+ shaves.

Another update – Add Illinois to the states that will be represented at our 50th. I mentally caught it a few hours after posting but wasn’t sure Tommy was onboard 100% and didn’t want to put him under any pressure. I love that he picked it up by reading the blog!!! I can use it as a readers’ test.

The lake is rising about 1/2” a day. That’s how much rain we’ve been getting daily compared to everywhere else in the state that’s been getting 2”. Even so, it’s now up to the 3rd rung in the ladder -swimmable when it gets to the fourth rung. Not sure it’s related to the water level, but for the first few years we were here the lake was loaded with shiners. Shiners are a shiny, carp like fish that are a bass’s favorite dinner. They are easily caught with a small hook and then rehooked onto a giant bass hook. Several times I caught a dozen or so, kept them in a cooler with a portable circulation system, and went off to some other lake. Often with great success. But for some reason a few years back, the shiners virtually left the lake or found some secret hiding space off in the middle somewhere and I had to switch to using baby bluegills when I just wanted to lazily bait fish. No more. The shiners are back big time. After cleaning up the dock area last month, I started feeding the fish again and have been blown away by the shiner population. We’re loaded with small bluegills, not seeing any of the giants from a few years back yet and not seeing any big bass cruising in looking for a quick lunch, but they will and I’ll be ready.

Gator gone. I got a report that it was almost 4’ long and that the tail is now residing in a freezer. I also heard that it was lured to it’s fate by – get ready for this – an Iphone App that mimics a Gator call. I never gave that app a thought but I bet there are duck calls, turkey calls and all manner of hunting aids. There’s something obscene about that.

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