Workin’ the Dock

Joey and Mark came up Sunday to honor their obligations relative to my birthday and Father’s day. I traded off any gifts for some labor which was mostly on the dock and the jungle leading up to the dock. Although the dock is only 8 years old, some of the deck planks are rotting-so much for life time warranties. When we built the dock I considered using a composite decking, trade name Trex, instead of wood but went with the old standby when I learned that the Trex was three times the cost. That was several thousand dollars that didn’t seem necessary at the time. Fast forward to now and I’m replacing bad planks as they happen with Trex. Along with that, the pump hadn’t been working in over a year because the water level had fallen below the intake and the pump had lost it’s prime. That meant no fish cleaning station on the dock and no way to pressure wash getting the pump going was on the list. There was a dead bay tree hanging over the dock and a couple along side the entrance path. Those had to go but were not ones I could get to myself with my wimpy saw. Finally, the dock roof gutters were full of leaves that had decayed to the point where pine trees were actually growing in the gutters. In a few hours Mark and I accomplished all those tasks and I was able to do a good power washing the next day. So the dock is event ready – all we need is about another 18” of water in lake to get something going. Joey mowed the lawn, much appreciated, but was captured by his mother for all the honey do’s that I’d been dodging. So she horned in on my Father’s day/Birthday action. They were treated to one of my now famous, (here at the house), cherry tomato pizzas.

I’m hooked on watching the Zimmerman case on the tube. It’s covered from gavel to gavel on all local stations. From what I heard from the media when it all happened, it looked to me like the prosecution never had a case and only pursued charges because of the pressure exerted by the black and lib community in Seminole County and elsewhere around the country. They were basically afraid of riots which is why it took over a month for Zimmerman to even be arrested. The result is that the State’s case is non-existent and every witness they put on, ends up supporting the defense. The one real State’s witness was barely intelligible and caught in flat ass lies several times. My guess at this point is that the judge could throw the whole thing out after the State has put on it’s case. If they don’t just ease out of it, the defense will make them look like jerks. I will be really interested in seeing them go after the family’s attorney – the guy who stirred the pot from the get go. I’m guessing that the prosecution is trying to figure out a way to finesse themselves out of this whole thing without totally embarrassing themselves. Like maybe offering a plea down to a misdemeanor

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