Cherry Tomato Pizza Rules

Our next door neighbor, George, is back in the hospital. A year ago he had a heart valve replaced and a new pacemaker installed. Yesterday he went back to Miami, where the surgery was done, for a one year check up. They found some infection around the leads of the pacemaker and felt it was critical that the pacemaker be removed immediately, if not sooner. So he arrived for a routine check up at 9AM on Monday and was being prepped for surgery at 4AM on Tuesday. Wow! Assuming no complications, he’ll be there 10 days.

Today is Nancy’s quilting day and, more often that not, I make dinner on those days. I decided on the fresh cherry tomato pizza. You make the topping a day in advance so I was busy last night doing just that. I had seen the recipe on TV and wrote down the major points but decided to deviate a bit by incorporating additional items. I started with a couple handfuls of cherry tomatoes cut in half, chopped in fresh basil, fresh oregano, a green pepper, a small onion, garlic, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes and chunks of mozzarella cheese. The original recipe only had the tomatoes and herbs and spices. You mix all this together in a bowl, add lots of olive oil then cover and let sit overnight. You just pour this on the crust, we use Rustic Tuscan 6 grain crusts, and pop in the oven or Holland grill if you happen to have one. It was really delicious and very different from sauce based pizza. I won’t hesitate to make this again while the cherries are coming on strong.

Cherry tomato pizza, yum
Cherry tomato pizza, yum

Picked all the remaining corn on Sunday and cut up the stalks for the compost pile. I split the ears into 3 piles; one for us, one for George and Barbara, and one for Esther’s cows. We’ve been eating corn right out of the garden for a few weeks and got only a dozen ears each at the final picking. I’d say from a quantity standpoint, not so good; but from a quality standpoint, incredible. I’ll grow this variety again but maybe hold off a couple weeks later in the spring to plant the seeds. I’ll also try a different garden location which gets more early morning sun.

The NFL is going to give me a problem this year with Tebow going to New England. Not sure how I’m going to deal with a high profile Gator playing for the enemy.

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