Andrea, the non-event

Andrea was a nice storm for us. We got less rain than I had hoped for, 3” against the 6” I had hoped for, but zero wind. I spent almost all of Thursday down at the dock watching the lake rise, reading, and listening to the Coffee House on XM. We’re off to a good start for the summer rains, much wetter than last year, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that we may have enough water for swimming and diving off the dock by August. We’ve had about 16” since March and all we need is another 36”.

I always thought that, by definition, any tomato you grew in a container on your patio was a “patio” tomato. If you had asked me if I was growing any patio tomatoes, I would have said yes. They never did as well as those grown in the garden and I attributed that to their confined habitat. Turns out there are varieties that have been engineered specifically to be grown in containers and I bought some of those seeds to try. Dramatic difference. These guys will only grow to about 3’ compared to 5-6’ on standard garden varieties; the stalks are at least twice the thickness and the foliage is more lush and prolific. I have to be pro active staking the garden tomatoes while these are sturdy, standalone plants. I started them much later than the garden tomatoes so they are just now putting out the first blossoms and I don’t expect any fruit until July. I’m getting my hopes up that this experiment is going to be successful because I can grow these year round by rolling them onto the back porch for the few days that get too cold. Last year I planted regular garden tomatoes in the container but they were just too flimsy to move around without branches breaking off. I’m going to try for year round tomatoes and green peppers this year.

I really hate it that it’s June already. June and July are my bad medical months. That’s when I go in for routine, no problem checkups and come out with trips scheduled for operations and such. The first of these is later this week when I get a blood test for PSA and an x-ray procedure called KUB which is to check on how well my kidney stones are doing. I have zero problems but these tests have an uncanny history of finding something. If my bride wasn’t in the loop, I’d use the obvious solution and bypass the whole thing.

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