Cherry Tomato Bonanza

I mentioned that this year’s corn is the best I’ve ever tasted. Nancy says the same thing. George and Barbara say the same thing. Honestly, it’s like eating candy. I’ve never grown and clearly never eaten any triple sweet corn before but can assure you, it’ll happen again next season. The variety is named Serendipity. That’s the downside to growing your veggies – some varieties are so much better than anything you can buy, that it sours you on grocery store produce. Not everything but certainly it’s that way with corn, cucumbers, carrots and a few others. Nancy is whipping up a shrimp based dinner that uses cherry tomatoes, corn stripped from the cob, basil, and onions from the garden. Maybe there’s a green pepper involved. There are a few other ingredients but not much. This dish is the reason I planted cherry tomatoes this year and this will be the first meal using them this season.

Funny story with the cherry tomatoes. I planted one plant which has turned out to be a monster and loaded with hundreds and hundreds of the best cherries ever. Very tender skin and very sweet taste. No splitting or any of the other problems typically associated with cherries. None of this should be. The particular variety was highlighted with a full page ad in the Johnny’s Seed catalog and, along with all the fruit accolades, was a statement about being nematode resistant. I was just about to sign up for a pack of seeds when I saw that they cost $7.95 for 10 seeds. Normally I’d expect to pay $2.50 for 25+ seeds. I decided that no cherry tomato was worth that much and that they were over hyping something new. So I picked another variety and moved on. My system is to go through the catalogs and write down the sku numbers of the products I want and then go online to fill out an order form. When the package from Johnny’s arrived a week later I went through it all and noticed that they had sent me the super variety – I assumed by mistake. Wrong! Turns out the mistake was mine. I wrote down the sku of the high dollar seeds. I never mentioned it to Nancy, we don’t normally discuss seeds, until last night when she said that these were the best cherries she had ever eaten – she has trouble with tough skins. My marching orders going forward are to order this variety in the future, no matter what they cost. One other point – the catalog specifically says not to plant for commercial purposes since the tomatoes don’t ship well, too soft.

I got a new chain for the chain saw and am back cutting my way through the forest. It took a few tries before I figured out how to get the new chain installed properly but once I had it, down went 4 more dead bay trees and a few miscellaneous dead oak branches. Who would have thought you could install the chain backwards? About half the trees I’ve cut are dumped onto the lake shore where I’m hoping they make great breeding grounds for minnows and bluegills and hunting territory for specs and bass when the lake comes back to normal.

We’re getting more rain now. A couple of inches last week but the forecast is for this coming week to drop three times that much. A nice, wet June would be just what the doctor ordered with enough rain to let us swim off the dock again.

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