Ever have a Red Neck Grilled Cheese?

Nancy had her biopsy – nothing exciting about that but afterwards……………… We stopped at a mall so she could return an item purchased earlier. I just stayed in the car and she was back in about 3 minutes. In that 3 minutes the battery in the Toyota crashed. I mean dead, dead, dead – not even enough juice to turn over the solenoid. Batteries used to have the courtesy to get weaker gradually so you knew it was coming but the new generation just gives it up with no warning at all. A passerby was kind enough to give me a jump start and we were only a short distance to an Advanced Auto so 15 minutes and $100 later, we were back on the road. We decided we deserved a nice breakfast so went to Big Rig where I ordered the breakfast special of the day, a Red Neck Grilled Cheese sandwich. That’s a grilled cheese sandwich stuffed with a Denver omelette on Texas toast. Delicious.

Picked the season’s first green beans. I have 3 double rows planted side by side, two weeks apart so we should have beans steadily now through June. The middle row was planted by our great great niece, Grace, and those are starting to blossom at the same time we’re making this first pick so the timing is looking good. The timing is also working out just right on green peppers. Small fruit are appearing on 8 bushes just at the time Nancy is using the last of the ones frozen from last season. Usually there’s a gap but last year we had a longer than usual, warmer than usual winter so we didn’t lose the pepper plants to frost until January. I was actually starting seeds indoors for the current plants while harvesting last season’s.

The current working batch of compost is going to be particularly interesting. George cleans out his Koi ponds once a year and they are loaded with organic material, mostly dead oak leaves. All of it will end up in the compost pile or directly transferred to the garden.

Can you have too many tomatoes? We’ll be able to answer that question this season. I usually plant quite a few in anticipation of fall out as the season progresses. So far the fall out is zero so I can see us ending up with 20 plants.

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