Garden Project

Before the rain this past week, the lake level was the lowest I’ve seen. The water was about 6” below the last rung on the dock ladder. After the rain, it’s maybe an inch or so above the last rung so about 10 more weeks like that should do it. If I hadn’t got a few loads of lake bottom muck last week, I wouldn’t have any.

This week is turning out to be the perfect weather week to get my bean trellis up and all other hard labor kinds of jobs. The daytime temps are in the low 80’s, the humidity is in the 30%’s, there’s a nice breeze and the sun is shining. If I wait a week to start the job, I’ll be working in the 90’s – that’s temps and humidity. I wasn’t sure I could do it all myself but worked up a plan to do so just in case George was out of the program again. Turns out I did about 90% of it myself and am fairly certain I could have completed it but George saw me starting to hang the wire and came to my rescue. To calibrate you with the picture, the poles are 8’ landscape timbers sunk 18” in the soil on 7’ centers. The wire mesh is 48” and starts 18” above ground. I have a couple hours more work to do on the planting rows but definitely on the downside of the job now. I’m really happy with the way it turned out and have lots of way to use it envisioned. Nancy took advantage of the great weather by breaking out the floor scrubber and did her thing on the tile floors followed by a steam cleaning. She then attacked the windows and did an all house window cleaning. So we were busy bees.

New addition to the garden
New addition to the garden

I noticed that the purple potato plants were dying off one at a time so I decided to dig one up to see what was going on. Lots of small, very small, potatoes but also lots of ants. The ants were basically eating the plants. I’ve had ant problems from time to time and maybe purple potatoes are something not meant to be here. I really wanted this crop to be a big success since Chris had gone to all the trouble of bringing me down the sprouted seed potatoes from Jersey. I’ve quit on Okra because of ants too. Certain crops attract them.

Looks like our timing is working out nicely on the tomatoes this year. We are down to the last couple of containers of last years spaghetti sauce and pizza sauce and, as if by magic, there are green tomatoes on several plants. Lots of things can happen between now and when the next batch of ripe tomatoes hits the blender but so far, so good.

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