Drought? What Drought

The drought must be officially over, even here. We’ve had about 6” of rain so far this week which is enough to soak the garden and start having an impact on the lake. Also, it looks like we’ve got a few more rainy days ahead of us. According to the weather troops, May is normally a dry month with the “rainy season” not starting officially until May 27. Perhaps this bodes well for a lake filling summer. Nancy was making a dish that required basil and I waited all day for a chance to run the 100’, grab a stem, and make it back to the kitchen without drowning. It finally slowed to the point where I could pull off the garden raid and only get drenched.

It seems our state legislature is having trouble passing a bill to ban texting while driving. A big hang-up is how to assess penalties and whether or not it should be a primary or secondary offense. That surprises me since there’s a tried and true model out there. All the statistics I’ve seen are that texting or voice phones are on a par with drinking in terms of accidents caused so why not just have the same set of penalties. I’ve always wondered about the open container rules which don’t even allow passengers to have an open brewski but I’d be ok with a no phone device operation for passengers as well as drivers. Where are the MMAT – Mad Mother’s Against Texting? My guess is that the technology is available to tell instantly when someone texts or is involved in a voice call, similar to a radar gun. An interesting amendment to the bill is one which allows phone records to be used only in the event of an accident in which someone is killed. That would transfer nicely to the drunk driving rules by allowing blood tests or breathalizer tests only if there’s a fatality involved. I’ve also heard an ad pushing the concept of a “designated texter” How about a designator drinker?

Due for a Shave Secret report. I estimate I’ve used 20-25% of the liquid and scored 33 shaves. If I’m estimating correctly, that will translate to 125 to 150 shaves from one bottle, lasting longer than a year. I’d have never guessed.

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