Fishing Conditions Much Improved.

It’s Tuesday and the wind is still blowing hard and in the wrong direction but at least the sun is shining. I’ll spend the day on the beach reading while Nancy plays bridge in Palm Coast. I have my eye on one of those Trader Joe’s Blueberry Ales for lunch – that counts as eating fruit for lunch doesn’t it? Since I’m heading the rules committee, it counts. We tried another new place for breakfast. Very good but no atmosphere and a bit on the female side in terms of the menu selections.

Wed. The surf is full of big boomers but the wind has stopped and my 4 oz weights are holding in the surf. No fish yet but at least the fishing is technically doable. The good news is the return of sand fleas. With one scoop of the flea basket, I got enough big fleas to last a couple of seasons- even if the fish start biting. Update – the fish started biting and I bagged a couple pompano, whiting, and catfish. No blues yet but I’m happy just getting the pump primed on the catching. The water is still roiled and I would expect the fishing to improve as it clears.

I parked alongside a jeep wrangler this morning at breakfast. What caught my eye was a tastefully painted on stencil that said “Mud, Sweat and Beers”. How perfect is that for a beach vehicle.

We hit our favorite ice cream place in the world today. I’m not an ice cream person but this place taps something way down deep in me. Could be flavors like Irish Stout or Cappuccino kahlua that get me. Nancy’s favorite is Squirrel Bait.

Thursday – fishing conditions much improved but not the catching conditions. I fished a good bit of the day and managed only a couple of small catfish. I lost lots of bait to what I guess are mini whiting bait stealers. Plenty of sunshine so how bad can it be.

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