Windy on the Beach

The beach trip has started out in typical fashion, so far. The weather is lousy – cold, windy, and wet. I’m getting used to that and know that by tomorrow, all will be well. We did a little exploring to see what’s new on the beach and found a couple of restaurants that were in process last year are now finished and open for business. By the end of the week we’ll have sampled them all. The pier restaurant is a totally new place and the menu looks great – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The Fisherman’s Net now serves breakfast and it must be pretty good at a new place called Ocean View based on the number of cars in the lot.

We decided to have a serious burger tonight so we hit the Sea Turtle Cafe where we ate the biggest, best tasting, most expensive burgers ever. It’s within 5 minutes of our digs and I wanted one more shot at the surf before calling it a night. And I did. What a monster, ferocious surf. I was using a 4oz pyramid sinker and it was tossed about in the surf like a bobber. The wind was blowing and it was lightly raining but I loved it. Not a fish but a big, big challenge.

With the wind still blowing big time from the Northeast, looks like another day of little fishing so it will be an eating adventure and beach combing. We decided to try the pier restaurant, the Funky Pelican, for breakfast. It’s been totally remodeled and under new ownership. They did a fantastic job with the interior – the beach and pier are still the beach and the pier so the view is perfect. The food was as good as it gets, Nancy had the frittata of the day, and I did pancakes. Excellent. My new favorite breakfast place. Funky Hour, their equivalent of happy hour is 4-6, and we’ll hit that Wednesday with John Bachmann.

Walking on the beach was an adventure. The wind is blowing steady at 25mph with gusts to 25.1. The surf was bring suds to the beach that were blowing faster than you could ever catch. Naturally that brings a strong current to the surf which makes it impossible to fish. It also makes it impossible to catch sand fleas for bait – that plus the water is cold.

The big question I have with respect to the doings in Boston – Who is responsible for fixing the boat they flash bombed? That guy was totally innocent and ends up with a damaged boat.

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