Off to the Beach

There was another dead bay tree that was fairly easy to get to but which I had judged just a bit too big for me to mess with, especially with my wimpy chain saw. The more I looked at it, the more marginal my decision to leave it alone became so I decided to go ahead and tackle it. I wouldn’t have but my neighbor, the tree cutter, is back in the hospital and I don’t want to load up his task list when he gets home – especially with heavy duty labor. Turns out I was right that my saw was too wimpy but had it cut 3/4 of the way through before that became painfully obvious. I brought out a hand saw but that was also virtually useless and was wearing me to a frazzle. I thought it was cut through enough that I could push it over by hand. Nope. Thought about tying a rope around it and pulling it over but I didn’t have a rope big enough to handle the job – not stout enough and not long enough. I decided to use an electrical extension cord which was strong enough and long enough but I could only get enough muscle into it to sway the tree, not break it off. So I tied the end of the extension cord to the truck and let that do the hard work. Down it came, exactly where I wanted it. It took an hour or so to limb it out and carry the brush to the fire pit. The pic’s show the downed tree and the fire pit. It was way bigger than the picture shows – it just looks like a small pile. Or maybe my mind was playing tricks on me. It was a bit windy so I decided to actually start the fire tomorrow morning before any wind comes up. My next trip to Lowes will include getting a 50’ piece of stout rope and a new chain for the saw. I’ve had the saw with the original chain for 10 years and I think it’s just worn out – beyond sharpening. I have my sights on another tree that could be doable with a new chain, a good rope, and the F150.

Dead bay tree felled
Dead bay tree felled

Ready to Burn
Ready to Burn

My salsa garden actually doing fairly well this year. That means the lone tomatilla plant is looking good as are the jalapenos. Last year the tomatilla was a complete waste but I have to take most of the blame for that – chose a poor planting spot and then neglected it. This year it has a primo spot and TLC. I guess I should put in some cilantro to round it out. Other than that, a couple of the green pepper plants have blossoms and the eggplants are ready to move into the garden as soon as I yank the snap peas.

Off to the beach. The next post should have pictures of huge catches. Or if you just see beach shots, that means I’m not catching anything worth a picture.

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