Still Cutting Trees

We had St Patrick’s day dinner redux – corn beef and cabbage and carrots. It was really good last time and the cabbage and carrots in the garden are about over for the season so it just made sense.

I’ve been thinning the palmetto’s in one area to improve the lake view from in the house and, in the process, fairly well wore out or seriously dulled, the chain saw. I had it sharpened and decided to attack a few of the dead bay trees that were what I consider, manageable size. I got down four of them before both the saw and me gave out. I think I can fix the saw and I probably need a day’s rest to recover. It’s not just cutting down the trees, it’s gaining access to the dead ones through really dense brush and then dealing with the carcasses. Good thing I’ve got a left over kale salad waiting for me at lunch. According to everything I’ve been hearing lately on the subject of nutrition, kale is the super king. And I thought it’s only purpose was to put along side real food to make it look good.

Four more dead bay trees today, eight total. I still have another four that are too big for me to handle but the ones I did get make a big difference. I burned all of them – well burned those that I could get out of the jungle. Some fell in places that were totally inaccessible so nature will have to do the job. When the bays first started dying off, a beetle transferred fungus, I was concerned that we’d end up with no bays anywhere. What’s happening is that lots of new bays are coming up quickly and seem quite healthy so maybe this is a normal cycle.

Back to cutting/thinning palmettos and guess what – I found two more dead bays and a dead water oak. You probably wonder how I keep coming up with new “dead” trees. Well, the jungle is fairly dense and it’s only after thinning and clearing that these show up. These new ones will fall in the jungle and require no extraordinary effort to deal with the carcasses. We have company coming for lunch next week and I wanted the path to the dock cleared more than usual since these guests are not what you’d call jungle friendly. That’s when I found the new chain saw ready trees.

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