Another Weird Beet

I was able to distribute lots of veggies to the Easter party crowd and gave the standard garden tour. You can always tell the folks who have tried gardening unsuccessfully because the first thing they jump on when they see mine is how I control weeds. They see it’s virtually weed free and ask what I do to keep it that way. They already know I don’t use weed killer so they suspect I either use some natural potion or plant special plants that ward off weeds. I explain that how I deal with weeds is to position myself directly over a weed, grasp it firmly right at ground level and then yank it out of the soil. It works 100% of the time and has the added advantages of being cheap, adding mass to the compost pile and providing me with exercise. I get some really strange looks when I detail the technique.

Nancy is floating around about a foot off the ground. Charles and Grace called the other night from Disney to tell her about the reception Grace was getting there wearing the Snow White costume Nancy had made for Halloween two years ago. She told Aunt Nancy that she was really, really Snow White and Charles said he could be selling them easily with people just walking up to them asking where they got the dress. Nancy and Grace have Sleeping Beauty in their sights for 2014.

You know you’ve moved over to the dark side when you are even considering a recipe for Kale-Lentil salad but that’s where it is. Even two years ago, I would have run for the hills at even the mention of something like that, let alone actually looking over the recipe to see how to spice it up.

I hit another of those weird beets. A few posts back I mentioned picking a pure white, albino beet. This one is pink, halfway between the traditional blood red and the rare white one; closer to white than red. The ribs and veins on the leaves were white so it’s closer to the albino than the classic. This time we kept it, giving our friend the leaves only, so we’ll be able to answer the taste question. Will it taste white, pink or red?

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