Lower and Lower lake

Nancy continues to improve – must be the great care she’s getting. She has the first follow-up on Friday so we’ll get a professional assessment at that time but to me, I’d say all’s well.

Unfortunately I went down to the dock yesterday to check the lake level. We had a few very cold nights so the ferneries had pumped for several hours each time. It showed. The lake is at, or close to, the lowest level I’ve ever seen and we’ve got at least 6 weeks before the summer rains normally start. George, who has been here since 1984, said it’s the lowest he’s ever seen. I’m wondering if more mucky lake bottom will be exposed than last year when I harvested tons (literally) of bottom soil to mix with the compost and/or directly into the garden. This winter’s harvest has been spectacular and I’m convinced that the rich muck I distributed last spring made a major contribution so maybe there will be a silver lining to the (lack of) black clouds.

This morning I was up at the road getting the paper when I heard this galloping sound heading in my direction. I looked up and here’s this really, really large hound dog heading my way. It was a bloodhound looking, black and brown, big floppy ear kind of dog. In a fraction of a second she was brushing against me, her back was waist high to me and it was almost looking at me eye to eye. The biggest danger was being licked to death or knocked over with her tail. Clearly this was a well maintained, very friendly hound that had gotten out of fence somewhere. She followed me back to the house and then headed off to check out the lake. Certainly got my heart started.

You can all collectively breathe a sigh of relief – the bush beans and corn that I planted last week and that suffered through a late season cold spell, did in fact germinate properly. I was mostly optimistic but you never know until you see that green poke through. That gives me 6 rows of corn by 20 plants per row. The 2 rows of beans are the first of several that will be planted as the season progresses. The next 2 will go in next weekend with more following every 3 weeks or so until I run out of seeds or space. Also, just to keep the record straight, the 14th blue/purple potato plant finally broke ground so I actually got 14 plants from 14 cut pieces. That’s a little surprising since a couple of the chunks were really marginal insofar as development of an eye but I must have guessed right.

I haven’t updated on the Shave Secret in a while. I’ve been using it for just over 2 months, 20 shaves to be exact, and may have used as little as 15% of the oil. So no doubt it will go way past 100 shaves from the 18 ml. I’m also still on the same razor and still getting the closest shaves ever so I have to conclude that it is easier on the razor as well as the face.

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