Just Updates

Spring officially started here yesterday. The wakeup sounds abruptly changed from squirrels, crows, and other critters to songbirds. That changeover is very distinct and will hold for a few months until summer sounds make a replacement. The Cardinals started chirping at 6:45AM yesterday morning and will continue for a few months. I’m not sure if the noisy ones have migrated here or if they are locals and this starts their mating season but trust me, it’s just like a switch has been thrown. Funny thing – it’s supposed to freeze this weekend so not sure how good the birds are at forecasting.

We had about an inch of rain here cumulatively over the past two days. That put out the forest fires we had in the neighborhood and soaked the garden perfectly. No hard rain, just a nice, long soft rain. The front that brought the rain is also dropping temps down close to the “F” word. I’ll double cover the squash for a couple days and bring all the pepper and tomato seedlings back in the house but other than that, some low temps should do no real harm to the garden. The only very young plants in the garden are spinach plants and those are really hardy. Still, I might end up covering the whole garden just to be safe.

The good news/bad news on the rat poison is that Nancy stopped by another feed store and was able to buy it. In fact she bought all they had so we should have plenty. The bad news is that I put out 8 chunks last night, expecting to see at least half of them make it overnight but, alas, all 8 were gone this morning. Rats. On the plus side, I noticed a couple of buzzards have been hanging in the neighborhood for the past couple of days. Wonder if they’ve picked up the odor of fermenting rat carcass.

I mentioned that I was trying Tomatillos again and I can see now why perhaps I didn’t do justice to them last year. You have a mental image that anything that’s a major ingredient in salsa would be a tough guy and able to hold it’s own. I paid closer attention this time around and the first thing I noticed was that the seed is about 1/4 the size of a regular tomato seed, it takes about twice as long to germinate, and then the seedlings are really tiny and fragile looking. I suspect that I’m going to have to keep these seedlings indoors quite a bit longer and then ease them into the garden when the weather conditions are just right. In retrospect, I know I started them late last year and then put them out into an environment that was too hot. This year I plan to plant them adjacent to the jalapeno peppers since they get along so well in salsa, why not in the garden.

Shave Secret update – I’ve been using the Save Secret exclusively for a month. That amounts to 11 shaves. That’s probably one or two fewer shaves per month than I had been doing with conventional shaving cream which is likely because the shaves are closer. I can just now tell that I’ve used some out of the container, 3 drops per shave isn’t much, but not enough to really estimate accurately how many I’ll get from the whole bottle. It won’t surprise me to get between 10 and 12 months or 100 shaves from this one 18.75 ML bottle. It’s also worth noting that my face hasn’t fallen off.

One thought on “Just Updates

  1. I’m in the midst of my first “beard attempt” because it’s so cold. Once winter is over I’ll be back on the shave train. Hopefully you’ll have all the kinks figured out by then.


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