Harvard Beets

Is nothing sacred? Got a call last night from a friend that decided to go fishing in a place we fished heavily in the 60’s and 70’s. It was far off the beaten trail, several miles down a dirt road and a mud boat ramp, if you wanted to call the place where the road ended and the lake started a boat ramp. There was no other access to lake Cypress and rarely would you ever see another fisherman there; Sometimes frog and gator hunters, but no bass fishermen for sure. At the end of the road there was a cluster of shacks built on stilts over the swampy water’s edge. We named it the thieves den because it looked some an old smuggler, bootlegger kind of operation. Lou said that there had to be a hundred bass boats of the 250HP variety flying around the lake. Seems these were guys pre-fishing the lake for an upcoming International Bass Tournament. I asked about the boat ramp and he said it was absolutely first class, state of the art ramp and dock. Then he told me about the really nice restaurant sitting where the thieves’ den previously existed. I’ve decided never to visit the place. I have a mental image of the way it’s supposed to be and don’t want it destroyed.

This is the time of year that the compost pile takes on the distinct flavor of potash and citrus from George’s fireplace and from both of us squeezing juice. One of the piles has about a month to go before it’s spread into the main garden; the other will continue to grow and cook until maybe June. I mostly have all of these piles allocated to particular locations in the garden. The one closest to making the move will go into the area I’ve designated for corn this season. If the weather holds for the next two weeks, I will probably make that planting this month. It’s earlier than usual but so is almost everything else. According to the data I have, the last frost of the season will occur by Feb 20 so it’s probably safe right now.

Nancy outdid herself with last night’s din din. Along with speckled perch, courtesy of yours truly, she made broccoli salad and Harvard beets. The broccoli salad recipe has been tweaked and tweaked until it is now perfect. We’re having the best broccoli season ever so lots of opportunity to try it new ways. I love it oven roasted but the salad is my favorite. But the beets were the biggest surprise – really outstanding. She got the recipe online and they were, hands down, the best ever. I’m really glad I didn’t give up on beets after several years of less than stellar results. It can’t be anything but the fact that the soil is getting better year by year. And of course, there was a red leaf lettuce salad.

Check out the azaleas. I’m a veggie guy but I do love the azaleas. You know winter is about over when they break out.azaleas

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