99,950 Still Out There

Big news on the rat front – out of the eight pieces I put out Monday afternoon, only three were gone in the morning. I put the remaining five pieces adjacent to where the pieces had been eaten. It was particularly newsworthy that in the spots where they left them last week, they were left again so I have to guess those spots are clean. Also noteworthy is that the clean spots were only 15′ from one place where they were eaten making me think they are more closely tied to a particular spot than I would have thought and that I haven’t cleaned out that particular nest yet. The woodpile was clean for the first time but they are still getting the chunks I put under the tangerine tree. I think I’m going to take the plunge and buy another package even though I had pledged not to invest beyond the two I bought a month ago.

We have a dearth of green veggies in the warm months – they just can’t take the Florida heat and humidity. One of my new catalogs described a product named Perpetual Swiss Chard and touted it’s ability to handle heat with exceptional non-bolting characteristics. It does give me pause that the seed company is in Oregon. I really doubt they understand the terms heat and humidity as they apply to Florida but, why not give a try. I bought the seeds last year and forgot about them so there’s no cost involved unless you call an eight foot garden row a cost. I’m going to put them in the fire pit garden, this year’s lettuce patch, so no space lost in the main garden. I’m also going to start them now while it’s still cool out. It’s one thing to sustain the heat as a mature plant but totally different to try to establish itself then. I’ll let you know in June if the experiment worked-or sooner if they crash in April or May as I suspect.

The first month of the python hunt yielded 50 snakes; 1500 hunters. That means there are 99,950 still out there.

Nancy bad day. The CAT scan went smoothly but as she stepped out of the car to go in the image center, her shoes literally fell apart. These were really nice, Clark sandals and when I say, fell apart, I mean fell apart. The seams totally ripped out around the entire shoe upper and simultaneously, the soles disintegrated into chunks of rubber or whatever. I was proud that it didn’t freak Nancy out and she just walked into the place in her stockings. After we left we intended to get breakfast at a little local joint on US1 in Ormond. It was the kind of place where it’s impossible to underdress so we never gave a thought to going in stockings. We assumed the “no shoes, no service” signs don’t apply to situations like we were in. Nobody even noticed and Nancy never gave it a second thought.

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