Ultimate Frisbee Match

The trip to G’ville was a great success. We unloaded a trunk load of food for Si, hit the markets, ate barbecue and attended the frisbee game. I really enjoyed watching the game since I really didn’t have an idea what to expect. The field is about the size of a football field, maybe a bit smaller, with end zones. The object is to catch the disk in the end zone. That gets you a point. The only way to advance the disk is by passing; the person getting the disk can’t run or walk with it. They can pivot around looking for an open player to pass to but no steps. Your team is either on offense, trying to score, or defense, trying to keep the opponents from scoring. If a player on offense misses a pass or the pass is knocked down/intercepted, the other team now goes on offense. It moves fast and the fact that the frisbee can do some really weird things in a windy environment, makes it really fun to watch. It was a double header but we only saw the first game. As luck would have it, Si’s team lost the first game but won the second. He scored a point in the second game but we didn’t get to see that. His team is the “black” team and they got their black jerseys just before the game. The team they were playing was the “pink” team. Before the game I mentioned to Simon that it would really be bad to lose to the Pink team – OK to lose to a red team, but Pink? The other thing we learned on this trip was that there is a place to eat breakfast that must be incredible. You’d automatically want to eat at a place called the Flying Biscuit and it turned out to be in the same shopping center as Fresh Market. How convenient. Problem was that there was a large crowd outside the place and we were told that, without a reservation, there was a waiting time of at least an hour and a half. Next trip.

One of the food items we took up to Simon was a pizza. That would be one of our famous, gourmet, homemade pizzas. Personally I wasn’t sure this was such a good idea but Nancy insisted. My concern is that perhaps at his young age he shouldn’t be setting such a high bar for future pizza experiences. We used to enjoy eating an occasional pizza out but now, blah. What if that had happened to us at age 20? When we opened his fridge, there were a couple Papa John boxes taking up space. No telling how long they’d been there but the competition is on.

Got some really nice spinach growing this year. For the first couple of gardening years here, I was unable to bring any kind of spinach to harvest no matter what I tried. That changed last year and this crop is easily the best. Still, it’s a different kind of crop. I planted several different patches and, just as last year, in some spots it’s doing fabulous while in another, just 20′ away it looks like garbage. Same seed, same treatment, same weather but totally different results. And it’s not like spinach is a delicate, hard to grow veggie. When you plant it, they recommend spacing the seeds only a couple inches apart and then thinning after germination. I do that and replant the thinned ones with nearly 100% success. That’s not something you can do with wimpy, finicky types. Radishes are tough like that but you kind of expect it with them.

So three months after the election, how are we doing? About the same as the after the first three months of the first time. The debt is up, unemployment is up, and gas prices are up. Also up, this time, taxes. And once again the pres is laser focused on something totally unrelated to the economy – gun control. Last time he was working at socializing the medical system, this time on disarming the rabble. I don’t think anything important is trending in the right direction but I could be wrong on that.

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