More Radish Soup

I put out the second round of rat poison 6 days after the first course. I’m thinking it may be working since I picked up several uneaten tangerines from the ground this morning and usually they’re eaten or at least nibbled on. I check under the hood of both cars every couple of days and those have remained clean. That’s really not unexpected since I haven’t yet resumed parking them under the carport, where I think the big hangout is. After one night the second batch was 100% gone so there are still plenty of critters taking advantage of the buffet. I have two more days worth of treats for them so next Tuesday will be the next event. Of course it’s possible something other than rats are eating the poison but I seriously doubt that would account for it all going. If the 4th offering goes the same way, I’ll probably switch to another variety to spice things up for them and present them with a mixed grill.

And isn’t it counter intuitive that the rats don’t bother with the compost piles? New stuff is loaded onto the piles daily and there is never a sign of anything rooting around. I take that back. A month or so back, George put some blue crab shells and waste, cooked on the pile. The next morning there were clear signs of digging and a couple of the shells had been pulled out and scattered about. I suspect it was a raccoon but maybe it was rats or a possum but wouldn’t you think they would make daily raids picking out the edible stuff? It can’t be location since the compost is less than 50′ from the woodpile which is a known hangout and nesting spot. I thought about putting a chunk of poison on top of the pile but reconsidered with the remote possibility that it would attract them to a place they were unaware of. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Nancy made another large pot of radish soup. It’s really a tasty way to use the scads of radishes the garden is popping out. I think this time she jazzed it up by mixing in some broccoli along with the radish greens but the real surprise adder was a pinch of fennel pollen. The finished product is mixed with half and half but at this stage, we freeze the soup base for use in the future. That second freezer we bought was an excellent investment and never seems to get anywhere near even half empty. It’s loaded with pre-made pizza topping, soups, and frozen vegetables.

The fennel pollen is one of those trade items with one of her bridge buddies. Her friend gets it from some place called the Pollen Ranch and it’s supposed to be a real delicacy. Whatever. She got a Chinese cabbage and some collard greens in exchange for the pollen; shrimp lady got a large head of cabbage so we’re in full swap out mode.

Two weeks and the python count is now 27.

If you lived in North Dakota, wouldn’t you be praying that there’s some truth, even just a smidgen, to the global warming hoax. But I guess one degree in a century wouldn’t stir them. They’d sure be prepared if all of a sudden signs starting pointing to a new ice age.

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