The Big Snake Hunt

We made the Linquine and Cauliflower with mods A and B; Used Bucatini instead of Linguine and added broccoli with the cauliflower. We’re at the point where we can add broccoli and snow peas into almost anything we eat since I have to go out and pick a couple handfuls each day. So a cheese and broccoli with snow pea omelet is not out of reach and no telling what goodies will end up in the evening salad. It would be hard for us to get used to not having a garden. Anyway, the recipe was great and will surely be repeated, probably next time with mods C and D.

Everyone knows I’m very suspicious of environmentalists and take any numbers they put out with a large grain of salt. According to them you could count the number of manatee and alligators left in the state on a couple of fingers a few years back. I knew that was so much crap but now it’s becoming way obvious that we’re loaded with both. But this is about the pythons in the Everglades. In this case we’ve been hearing for quite some time that the Everglades was virtually being taken over by Burmese Python’s which the citizens of South Florida had turned loose into the wild when they became too big to deal with in a South Beach Condo. Every now and then a photo would show up with a Python eating a gator or a deer. I could see all that and thought a very simple solution would be to put a bounty on them, no holds barred, open season. Instead they did a timid hunting season last year and you had to purchase a permit. This year they really promoted it and offered prizes for the most snakes and the biggest. Even had some celebrities join in the hunt. According to the media, thousands took part. After one week, I think the total snake count was 10 or so; zero the first couple of days. The numbers of snakes supposedly on the loose is in the thousands and thousands, well over 100,000 I heard; numbers I suspect are grossly inflated. Seems to me they should set a bounty of $10/foot, $20/foot for snakes over 10′, and then just get out of the way and let the serious swamp hunters have at it. Worked well for wolves and bears back in the day.

Tom and I went fishing Sunday at a local, public access lake. We caught a few fish but the wind made fishing difficult so we decided to come back in by noon. The words “public access” doesn’t quite describe what we found. There was a full on acrobatic jet ski competition going on at the boat ramp with dozens of high performance skiers. These were not just neighborhood jet skiers but guys who could do 360 degree vertical and horizontal flips strung together in streaks. Naturally the ramp itself was rough and wavy so it was difficult getting the boat back onto the trailer. Guess what lake we’re avoiding on the weekends henceforth.

Can’t wait to hear from little Tommy. He took a few days off and went to NYC to visit friends. During his absence a full blown blizzard and incredibly cold weather invaded Grand Fork. How cold? There was a wind chill advisory, just like we get severe weather advisories reporting anticipated wind chills of -50 degrees. The alert said to be careful of super hypothermia and frost bite on any exposed skin. I wonder if they can land planes in that kind of weather and what it would feel like to walk out of the airport directly into it. Did he drive to the airport and leave his car there? Did he bring clothes suited for NY but nothing to stand up to a full on ND blizzard? I’d probably run back in and get a ticket on the next flight out heading South- like maybe Rio kind of South.

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