Drats, Rats, we need Cats

Update on the Shave Secret – A two day beard shave left my face even smoother than the first time. I checked out the company’s web site and can buy the product there but at twice the price. Turns out, though, I can get it on Amazon for $3.22 as compared to $3.82 at my local Walmart. Nancy advised me that shaving creme is cheaper so I’m going to start a spread sheet and see just how many shaves I get out of the 18.75ML bottle using the recommended 3 drops per shave. We had to go right past a Walmart last night on the way to dinner so we dropped in and picked up 3 more bottles even though I’m nominally sure now it’s available.

There were two other reasons for the Walmart stop. Since Tom and I are all set up for attacking the Tomoka River this season, I needed to replenish my store of Redfish, Trout, and Snook lures. We use plastic tails on jigs and the fish all have teeth so there’s a replacement issue. Also, we needed to get an ink cartridge for our printer. Nancy had a pattern she needed to copy and I had downloaded a recipe for Linguine and Cauliflower that couldn’t be printed. Our Lexmark printer wouldn’t print anymore and a message came up that said the color cartridge needed replacing. The black cartridge was new and it didn’t seem to me that it should refuse to print just because the color cartridge was empty so I was suspicious about the health of the printer. In the past it has just occasionally given it up and required some intervention on a technical level to getting it working right. Tom has had to sprinkle it with magic dust a couple of times but he has always been able to make it right. So a new cartridge was on the Walmart shopping list. $36 for a single cartridge. Sitting just across the aisle was a brand new printer for $34 and a combo printer/copier/scanner for $49. So I could buy a brand new HP 2512 for less than a set of cartridges for the old printer. I checked the replacement cartridge price for the HP and it was “only” $26 – for a set consisting of both a color and black cartridge. I really dread putting any new peripheral on the system since it almost always takes (me) hours to get it all installed and running. Within a half hour of getting home, it had copied it’s first pattern and printed it first recipe. The new printer is slightly smaller than the old one so that’s good. I think it’s a bit noisier, not so good, but my previous HP printers always seemed on the noisy side to me. So far, so good.

The rats are back. I popped the hood of the Camry to check the oil and there was a nest sitting right up against the engine block. It was singed, so close to causing a fire. Also an adjacent wire had been chewed. The bothersome thing is that we use that car almost daily so this didn’t happen over a few weeks of sitting idle. Nancy stopped at the feed store and picked up two packages of rat poison. This is serious poison with instructions not to touch without wearing gloves and supposedly deadly even to warfarin resistant Norway rats. That sounds pretty bad to me even if these rats are not Norwegian. The poison comes in cylinders, four inches long by two inches in diameter. I break them in half to make two by two chunks and set out eight pieces; six in the carport area, just under the sheds; one under the tangerine tree and one in George’s woodpile where we spotted a nest. That’s quite a bit of poison so I was surprised this morning to find it 100% gone; not nibbled around the edges but gone completely. According to the instructions on the package, dead rats should start showing up in 5 days so my plan is to set out another eight chunks in a week. I think out here in the woods, dead rats will never show up because of other critters doing a cleanup job. I have enough poison to do four rounds of chemical warfare. In the meantime, we’ll park the cars away from the carport and sheds for a couple of weeks.

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