Launching the New Boat

I’ve been watching an issue on the TV news with great interest. A few weeks back it broke that a guy in College Park, an Orlando burb, was being cited for having a vegetable garden in his front yard. In fact his front yard is a vegetable garden, and a very nice one at that. He was growing a wide selection of veggies and it looked very successful, at least as nice as mine. I guess the neighbors were complaining, although I can’t imagine why. So tonight the city counsel is meeting to decide what to do with this guy and his garden. The neighborhood we’re talking about is an older, middle income place close to the main town area, not a high dollar gated burb so I’m wondering why a Hibiscus is ok but a Swiss Chard plant is not? Why is an Ixora hedge ok, but a green pepper hedge isn’t? It bothers me that it even gets to the point where the city counsel is involved. If I’m that guy and I lose, out comes the Roundup and my yard would forever push the boundaries of bad taste. Make it into a field of sand spurs but keep it well watered and fertilized so it looks like a lawn. Maybe get a trashy old tractor and park it out front. Follow up – the city council said he could have no more than 25% of his yard in veggies and no plants taller than 4′. Any self respecting tomato is taller than 4′ and pole beans…………….

Speaking of gardens, this stretch of warm weather we’re having has the garden doing cartwheels. Everything is growing faster than usual and I have to keep on top of it or things go to seed, particularly broccoli. The florets go from small and green to completely flowering out in a day or two. Even picked enough tomatoes to push out another pot of spaghetti sauce. The squash plants I started are putting out new leaves like crazy. We’re looking at a cold front moving in this weekend and I plan to double cover the squash. If it really gets cold, which I expect to happen sometime this winter, I’ll run an extension cable with a light bulb to generate some heat under the covers. I’m talking dedication and determination for sure – squash on the table in March.

I suspect Simon will be the principal beneficiary of this batch. We may take a ride up to see his first city league frisbee game in a couple of weeks. That’ll be an expensive trip since they now have both a Fresh Market and a Trader Joe’s in Gainesville and we go crazy in both places.

We took Tom’s new boat out this weekend and it performed perfectly. The 15HP engine started on the first pull and moved the boat along at about 18mph with both of us, more than adequate for the places we go and the way we fish. It’s very stable, much more so than the canoe we were used to fishing from, so that’s a big plus. The only problem that surfaced was an interface issue between the trailer lights and the VW bus and that will surely yield to a determined effort to track down the problem. The other, minor issue was that we didn’t catch any fish. Luckily we went out again Wednesday and corrected that problem.

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