Product Endorsement

I just got a wonderful phone call. Little Nancy called but for her granddaughter, Allie. Allie asked Nancy if they could call Uncle Joe. Can you imagine that? We had a nice little conversation and I could just see her beautiful smile in my mind. It was just what the doctor ordered since all my bones and muscles are creaking from the tree work. I thought the kids had me pegged as Aunt Nancy’s driver but certainly not someone you’d want to talk to. I was impressed that she even remembered my name.

Took several hours and a few singed eyebrows to get the brush and branches burned. Normally in January at 8AM, it would have been in the mid 50’s so the fire would have felt good. This time it was already 70 degrees and closer to 80 by the time I finished. It’s going to take 2 or 3 days of really hard, concentrated relaxation to get me back into shape. Tom called and wants to launch his new craft for the first time later today so that seems like a good way to start the process.

Lest you think all of my work activities centered around tree removal, I also was tapped for a couple of home improvement projects including installing a spice rack and installing under shelf kitchen lighting. On the spice rack project, the off the shelf unit didn’t fit it’s intended home and required modification. I didn’t have the tools necessary to pull it off so George came to the rescue and saved the project. The lighting went smoothly and does exactly what Nancy wanted. I’m normally a bit of a klutz on these sort of projects but I have to admit that the counter lighting could not have been smoother. But the coup de grace was cleaning out the dryer exhaust line. It hadn’t been done since we moved in and Nancy was concerned that it was filling up with lint and causing the dryer cycle to lengthen. We used a combination of the central vac system and my shop vac but it’s for sure cleaned out now. Quite a load of lint that had to be creating back pressure on the dryer. It didn’t turn out to be as hard a job as I had anticipated.

Product endorsement. Joey had told me about a shaving product he’d picked up and found to be surprisingly good. I listened and filed it away but never thought about it again. He figured I’d forget about it and bought me a bottle of the product, Shave Secret. He got it at Walmart, which also made me suspicious. It’s a very small plastic container, a few ounces, and looks like hand sanitizer or something. You put 3 drops on your wet palm, rub your hands together to get them coated and then apply it to your wet face or whatever it is you’re shaving. No shaving cream, gel or anything else, just these three drops. I tried it, not expecting much at all, but with the first stroke of the razor, broke out laughing. It worked, big time. I really don’t think I’ve ever had a cleaner, closer, better shave. Holy Cow!!! Next time I’m in Walmart I’m buying a few bottles before the FDA or EPA or somebody bans it. It’s $3.25 per bottle. The packaging refers to a web site, so perhaps you can order it on line and avoid the Walmart experience. Or maybe you can buy it at

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