Home Made Crusty Bread

Tom has been hot on the hunt for a new fishing boat and came up with one that sounded exactly right in Titusville, about 50 miles away. So yesterday he took Simon and me over to give it a final checkout and close the deal. It’s a 15‘ fiberglass boat with a 15HP Yamaha outboard plus lots of options and features that make it perfect for the kind of fishing we mostly do. Most impressive was a 55# thrust salt water ready electric motor. That will be more than adequate to hold the boat in a good tidal run or head wind. Everything looked in almost new condition. It has a drive on style trailer so it will be easy for him to launch and retrieve by himself. There were a few very minor items that needed attention before launching. The plan is to take it over to the Tomoka River to do a maiden voyage on Friday, weather permitting. Maybe my bluefish streak will still be hot.

One of Nancy’s friends gave her a Mother Earth kind of magazine that had a special quilting pattern or something. On the cover was a teaser for whole grain no knead bread so we decided to give it a try. The recipe is simple enough but it involves several things that we would not normally have in the kitchen. Things like oats, flax seed,and quinoa, so you know it has some serious fiber. It’s easy to make the basic dough but you have to leave it sit for 12-18 hours before finishing it off and baking so you have to plan the timing carefully. We mixed up a batch last night and let it rise overnight with the plan to bake it mid afternoon and eat it with supper. Did all that per direction and it came out of the iron pot looking like something you’d see at a farmer’s market or delicatessen. The good news is that it tasted like it also.

Whole Grain no Knead Bread
Whole Grain no Knead Bread

Got back out on the lake to see if the spec’s were still biting and sure enough they were. In exactly the same place as before and again starting about 4:30 and peaking by 5:15. I must have caught a couple dozen small ones that I threw back but did manage to land two nice ones that are now filleted and waiting in the fridge. I think the larger of the two is perhaps the largest one I’ve ever taken from the lake and would, by itself, be a meal for us.

Was anyone surprised that a financing bill was passed at the last minute and that it included plenty of taxes but zero reduction in spending or any attempt whatsoever to reduce the debt? Now we’ll go through the same exercise in a couple of months when we actually run out of money. No doubt they’ll make some cosmetic cuts and agree to revisit the whole thing down the road. Losers, top to bottom.

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