A Happy Holiday

It’s winter again and I guess I have to cover the garden tonight. This time only for one day and nobody’s talking about a hard freeze, just a little nip. I suspect that those few tomato plants that survived last week will be history by Friday but nothing else should have any problems at all.

We spent Christmas at Tom’s and enjoyed the time there. My “big present” was a remote weather station which will take some planning to set up. The instructions say the instruments/sensors should be in an open area with no obstructions but, by their definition, I don’t have any open areas. It does have a 200′ range so it may be that the critical one, wind speed and direction, could be installed down at the dock but that will be a close call. Also got a pair of Titanium bladed clippers – perfect for cutting palmettos. The pair I currently use are about 10 years old and really dull. I keep threatening to have them sharpened but it’s one of those things you never think about until you use them. Got some good reading material and Tom put together an incredible photo album which I can’t wait to look at – assuming Nancy eventually puts it down. The rest of the social season includes an afternoon party this weekend with old friends in Altamonte and a Gator game party at Tom’s on January 2. And if you count a fishing trip as a social event, I’m probably going to visit an old fishing buddy to do some on- shore salty water fishing up in St. Augustine. Randy Brown called out of the blue and suggested we give the intra coastal a shot. Randy and I were close fishing friends and co workers back in the late 60’s so it should be a really fun day, fish or no.

It’s been a week since I started rooting the tomato plants and out of 36, there are only 2 that look a bit wimpy. That’s a good thing because those two really stand out and tells me they’re not all in some neutral, dormant state – not dead but not rooting. I still plan to wait another few days before moving them out of the dark room and into a limited sun environment. After Friday, our daytime temps should be in the 70’s so that would be perfect to start getting them used to the outdoors.

So tired of hearing about the “Fiscal Cliff.” Obama has absolutely nothing to lose letting it go over the cliff – in fact, that is exactly what he would prefer. Think about it. Letting the current low expire maximizes revenue and drastically cuts defense spending – that’s exactly what he’s always wanted – any good Democrat would. He can profess to only wanting to tax the rich, but understands completely that the real money comes from taxing the masses. When the economy staggers, he then takes money saved in defense and increased taxes and does the regular democrat redistribution – beef up welfare, advance socialization of the medical system, subsidize windmills, solar panels, ethanol and other losers. Why settle for anything less when he can blame the opposition no matter what happens. Ditto Harry Reid. I think the Republicans too, are better off letting it go over the cliff. If they’re correct the economy will crash and in the end, no matter how it’s spun, it will be clear (once again) that raising taxes kills economic growth.

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