Cold Weather- Big Spec’s

It’s Thursday and if the weather folks are right, we’ll be freezing, literally freezing, Saturday morning. That gives me two days to prepare. The first thing I check when I get up in the morning is the temp in Grand Fork ND. It somehow makes me warmer to know that little Tommy is making it in far colder weather than us. He always toughed it out when we’d be fishing in December at Strawberry Reservoir, scraping ice off the motor to get it started, so I think he’ll handle ND just fine. Today I put up the props for the cover but not the covers. Supposedly we’ll have rain overnight so putting the covers up today would not be too smart. One picture shows the placement of the PVC supports before the covers; then the bundled up garden. I will also bring all the tender potted plants onto the porch where I can cover the full lot with one or two old sheets. This will signify the end of the tomatoes and green beans so I’ll do one last pick on Friday. It’s possible that a couple will survive but I’m not counting on it. I also plan to get cuttings from a couple of the better tomato plants and start them in potting soil. If we have a decent winter, I will keep these new starts going until the end of February and then into the garden. As a backup to that, I’ll start new seeds next month.

Ready for Covers
Ready for Covers
All Bundled
All Bundled

While I’m playing freeze patrol, Nancy is making the radish soup. It’s really a large project involving a high number of ingredients, some fairly radical. Would you expect to find anchovy in radish soup? I sure hope it ends up a success since I have a fair number of radishes popping up. She makes the soup base but holds off adding the cream until we’re almost ready to eat it. I tasted the base and it’s not bad. Not sure it will make it to my list of favorites but we’ll see. If it’s half as good as the beef veggie soup or the chicken veggie soup she’s made this month, I won’t complain.

Finally, the big specs have started biting. I went out about 4:30 yesterday afternoon and had landed 20+ by 5:30 so it was fast and furious. All but three were too small to keep but two of those fell into the “very nice” category. Filleted those and will see them again on the table tonight. I have a spot in the garden picked out for the carcasses so those will eventually become Chinese Cabbage-nothing wasted.Big Specs-Finally

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