Brazilian Restaurant

In hindsight, losing to Georgia had to be a great strategic move. The Gators get to finish the season with only that loss and not having to face Alabama. In fact, when all the counting and figuring is done and the dust has settled on the bowl games, it’s possible they’ll end the season ranked higher than Alabama. The SEC as a conference finished with 6 of the top 10 positions; dominance.

Sunday night we were back in Central Florida to celebrate little Tommy’s birthday dinner. (Wow he’s 23 – what does that make me?) They have a tradition where the star of the day picks a place for the family dinner and the winner this year was one of those Brazilian meat places. The food was incredibly good and there was no way to resist over eating. I enjoyed it while it was going down but about 10PM it exacted it’s revenge. No details. Tommy goes back to winter in ND Tuesday but we’ll know he had all the protein loading his body could handle to prepare for the ordeal.

Well we did get a touch of frost Saturday night and then again Sunday. It will take a couple days to see what was damaged. According to the weather folk, it was about 2 weeks earlier than expected but the tomatoes are for sure living on borrowed time. I’d better get the search going for green tomato recipes. I already have one for green tomato spaghetti sauce if I can get my bride to make the leap. The bean strategy worked out fairly well. The bush beans are 90%+ picked and I was planning to cut them out this week anyway to make room for cabbage seedlings. I had planted 3 sets of pole beans for a time span. One is picked and gone; the second is 75% done; the third was planted just in case we had an extra long season. It’s putting out the first small beans and most likely won’t last much longer if at all. I keep getting suckered in by the Global Warming folk who give me a false sense of security that frost is a thing of the past. I mean wouldn’t you think that burning all these fossil fuels for the last 100 years would have moved the first frost date out at least a day or two? How can it possibly be earlier?

While discussing green beans – Chris and Jamie shared an interesting recipe for green beans that they experimented with on Thanksgiving. It creates bundles of beans and some other ingredients which are then roasted on the grill. In their case it was the oven but for us it’s the Holland. With the plethora of green beans on hand, we gave it a try today along side grilling wings. They turned out fine and make the cut for repeating.

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