The Dip was a hit

Thanksgiving came off without a hitch, best as I can tell. Little Tommy got out of ND just ahead of a snowstorm and the plane arrived on schedule. Everybody seemed to like the fish dip, evidenced by the empty bowl early on. We had thought about making another but didn’t know if it would meet the approval of the crowd. Next time we’ll double the recipe. All the food was good and I picked up on a new recipe for Brussels which, if all goes well, will be available from the garden in January. Ditto for the next day meal which was a special request for manicotti and braciole. Tom, Nancy and the kids did their now traditional Black Friday shopping spree while Tina and I luxuriated in the quiet. I did score one exceptional buy in absentia, a new external hard drive to replace the suspect one I’ve been using. Amazing. The new drive is roughly 4”x6” x 1/2” thick, is powered from the computer and has a capacity of one Terabyte. That’s 1000 gigabytes. Don’t remember exactly what it cost but know it was well under $100 and that was the cost installed by the family IT dept.

One thing that was especially fun for me were discussions of current events with the journalists, Tommy and Julia. Naturally we were not all together on the topics but that’s what makes for good conversation. Before the next big get together, I’ll have to study up so I can hold my own. Tom brought home a load of the papers he’s designed so I got to review his handiwork up close and personal. Very nice. And Julia is going to be the managing editor for the Alligator, the Florida newspaper, next semester. That’s a big deal. Of course the campus paper is a bit lib for my tastes but that keeps the discussions lively.

We had some wind yesterday so I came home to find both the remaining bean pole trellises had fallen victim. I’ve got them propped up so they should continue putting out until the weather does them in, which could be as soon as tonight – frost warnings not too far from here. I definitely have to do something more substantial next season and have a design in mind.

For anyone who’d like put a toe in the garden but is not interested in a major commitment, try radishes. They are a no fail, highly rewarding crop. They germinate quickly, start popping out 3-5 days after planting. They’re tough so if you overplant, you can easily thin and replant the ones you pick out. Best of all, you can harvest them in a month from planting so if you have 30 day visibility, no trips planned, you can do radishes start to finish. If you want to introduce a kid to gardening, nothing can be better for short attention spans since every day introduces changes to the plants. You can eat tops and bottoms, so zero waste. If you buy radishes, most often the greens are missing or pathetic. I can’t wait this year to try a new soup recipe that uses both the greens and the root. The big advantage you have growing your own is that there is now a ton of varieties so you can choose the size, shape, color and heat level that best fits your personal tastes. I found a German variety called Parat where the tubers are the size of golf balls and really mild.

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