Passed the Test

How is it possible that the Gators are #4 in the nation? I’m for sure a Gator fan but have to admit, they are just not that good this year, record aside. Has to be a computer thing based on schedule strength and win record – nothing for style or how you won considered at all. I’d say they are a legitimate top 20 kind of team and I probably wouldn’t protest a top 10 position, but #4, I don’t think so. We’ll know Saturday when they meet FSU, another team in the top 10. If they do win, which I seriously doubt, I can’t neglect the fact that they did have beaten 4 opponents who have been ranked in the top 10 and that they really should have won the Georgia game. Strange season.

So I had my follow up meeting with the cardio guy to get the results of last week’s tests. As far as I can tell, nothing much has changed and I still get an occasional heart blip. Maybe a little more frequent than occasional but according to the doc, not to worry. He said all the tests came out just fine and the PVC’s are nothing to worry about unless I get dizzy.

The weather has been lousy for almost a week now. It’s been overcast, breezy and cool but no rain. Cool means in the 50’s so I have to wear a heavier sweat shirt. I’m a sunny, 80’s kind of guy not a Northeast, Northwest type. I don’t do gloomy very well, especially this time of year when I naturally revert to my hermit, anti-social character. The plants in the garden do OK with it but the gardener doesn’t.

A couple of posts back I mentioned the monster meat loaf Nancy made. I forgot that I had taken a couple of pictures, before and after. We got a couple of meals out of it and #1 got a meal or two. Here’s also a picture of the raw material for the Thanksgiving green bean casserole. I can pick a load like this every third day and have been freezing everything we’re not eating. What I have to take into account is that the plants will continue producing at nearly this level until a freeze happens and that I can replant beans in March so it really doesn’t make sense to store too many. You might ask why did he plant so many? I plant the same amount each time but, for whatever reason, everything I planted survived the weather, the bugs, and is producing way beyond expectations. Who’s to say if this is the new norm or a bumper crop.

Monster Meatloaf Before
Monster Meatloaf Before
Monster Meatloaf - After
Monster Meatloaf - After
Green Bean Casserole Makin's
Green Bean Casserole Makin's

Will my smoked bluefish dip become a Thanksgiving tradition?

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