Smoked Fish Dip

I have a big job that I’ve been procrastinating on for a few days. Thinning. A couple of weeks ago I planted carrots, beets, radishes, and spinach. With each of these, the seeds are small so it’s hard not to overseed. You wait until germination is complete and then pull out excess plants to get the right spacing between the ones that remain. If you are really careful in pulling out the excess, you can replant them in another location with fairly good success. The problem is that the whole task is done on your knees, bent over and is a delicate process that takes a slow, steady hand. I have to stop every 5 minutes or so and just straighten up before my back takes a permanent set. I could save most of the grief by just pulling out the excess and tossing them – that’s what most people do – but for some perverse reason, I feel negligent being so callous with these poor, defenseless, baby carrots et al.

Son #3 is visiting a nutritionist and came up with a tip that got my attention. The nutritionist recommended eating purple potatoes instead of white or sweet potatoes because they are helpful in reducing blood pressure. Supposedly they taste the same and are cooked in the same ways. Sounded like bunk to me so I looked it up on the internet. Sure enough, there seemed to be a general consensus and backup studies that found blood pressure benefits. So I think I’ll try to grow some next spring, a Feb planting for an April crop. One thing that does give me pause, the same nutritionist has him eating chia seeds. Those would be the seeds that are used to give the chia pet sheep it’s wooly coat. There’s something obscene about that; something that just doesn’t feel right.

Almost overnight the tangerine tree turned bright orange. I think that mini cold snap we had did the trick. I tasted one yesterday and they are definitely ready but not as sweet as in past years. Last year, the fruit falling from the tree became fodder for rats so I’m going to keep on top of it this year from the get go. I’m thinking that bringing a bushel or so down to Thanksgiving at Tom’s will be well received by the kids.

While on the subject of bring stuff to the Thanksgiving festivities, got to do a dummy run on the smoked fish dip. We had company Sunday and the plan was to sit around, talk, and drink adult beverages until we went to Emmy’s for a little Einsbein, potato pancakes, and Worthsteiner brew. We decided to make a batch of fish dip using one of the three recipes I had retrieved from the internet. This one featured cream cheese, green onions (from the garden), fresh lime squeezin’s, and assorted other spices. It tasted fine to me and apparently to the company as well. That was based on their comments but also on the amount consumed.

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