First Beach Report

Well, at home we got a bit of wind and about 1/4” of rain out of Sandy. I was hoping for less wind and much more rain. The weather people are now saying we could see lows in the 40’s one day next week. That’s scary. On the beach, the tide is the highest ever with the surf actually up the side of the berm occasionally so no beach walks until low tide. Right now I’m guessing it will be Tuesday before it becomes fishable and you can expect to start seeing fish pictures. It’ll take a wind shift from the South to calm things down.

The Gators decided that they were playing way over their heads so got off the fast track. What a lousy game. I can’t decide if it’s better to be beaten by a truly superior team or to give away the game with fumbles and poor play. Between that game and Tom’s Tigers, it was a bad sports day at the beach.

Got through the week with only two useless doctor appointments – one’s on my drop list. The eye doc is a real pain because it takes so long with a pre-exam, a dilation, then the final exam. His conclusion – I have old eyes, nothing particularly wrong. Next went to the dermatologist. Nothing wrong, not even the first squirt with the nitrogen bottle. Old skin, don’t even schedule another annual exam unless I see something different. At least this one didn’t give me the lecture about staying out of the sun and to use SPF 50.

I have a problem keeping track of my glasses. I wear 1.25 readers and non-prescription sun glass, cheap ones so there’s no financial exposure. A few years back I bought a 3 pack of the readers and still have all three – but never at the same time. I consistently lose track of one or two pairs and have been down to none on occasion. Ditto the sun glasses – sometimes I can locate all three but normally only two and occasionally none. For the first time in months, I’m living big – all 6 pair are accounted for. A missing pair of sunglasses appeared yesterday, as if by magic, when I caught a glimpse of a piece of black plastic sticking out just an inch or so from under the china cabinet. I was confident I had left these at a restaurant a month or so back and never thought to get down on my hands and knees to check under furniture. Nancy came in waving a pair of reading glasses that she found under the seat of the car. They usually turn up in a weird place as opposed to just setting them down and forgetting where. They’re never at some usual or obvious spot. Most insidious is the dining room table. Nancy quilted a table topper that visually absorbs anything you set on it. My glasses can be sitting right out on the table top and be virtually invisible. It’s so bad that you have to run your hands over the cloth to feel if they’re there or bend over and scan it from the side. I think it works on the same principal as the magic cloak of Harry Potter fame.

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