Hurricane Sandy

If you were wondering whether hurricane Sandy would deter us from going to the beach – not unless it turns hard west and nails the coast line. The current path keeps it a couple hundred miles off the coast of Flagler which should stir up the surf and dump a bit of rain Friday and Saturday but not be a total disaster. I’m a weather freak and am looking forward to being on the beach with the big, giant rollers and the flying sea froth. Even as a kid on Patrick Air Force Base, I loved walking on the beach in the storms. You never knew what was going to wash up. Sounds nutso but………… It will probably mess up the fishing but I’ll still be out there banging it. I’m salivating at the thought that this storm may match up with a giant cold front in the Northeast and turn into a storm of the century.

Remember that problem I mentioned about picking the pole beans that had grown to 12′ tall? Solved. It got so top heavy and the wind blew so hard, that the first tower fell over. It sure makes it easier to pick the ones on top-that would be the ones that were on top. I think we’re going to still get loads of beans but it does mean that long term, I have to come up with a better solution, a more solid structure. I’ve contemplated putting up an arbor using 4”x4” posts and perhaps that’s the ultimate solution. My hold up on that approach is it creates another set of difficulties with frost protection. I’m thinking now that maybe I should give up the entire back row and dedicate it to vertical, warmer weather crops. That would eat up an 8’x 30′ chunk of the garden but it would be useable 9 out of 12 months and work for beans, peas, and cucumbers.

Went to the cardio guy and, as predicted, he doesn’t think there’s anything to get excited about but (to meet Lexus payments), scheduled a few tests. They look at 3 things; structural heart conditions, plumbing, and electrical. That involves an electro cardiogram, a treadmill stress test, and a 24 hour recording monitor. My guess is that the glitches I’m feeling are electrical in nature and I probably need an ipad or something installed. All that happens the week after we return from the beach so it won’t be catching all the bluefish stress. Better news from the dermatologist – I haven’t been in a couple of years so expected the new one to hack away. Turns out there was nothing and she didn’t even suggest an annual checkup – call if you see anything.

Saw a great bumper sticker the other day – Goodbye Obama.

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