Heading to the Beach

When we lived in Utah, I often complained that it was politically boring – little doubt who was going to win elections. Now that we live in a swing state, I could use a dose of boring. For months we’ve been hit with wall to wall political commercials, telemarketing, and polling. Getting very tired of it. This is the first time ever we’ve seen ads featuring someone we know personally, so that’s a bit strange. A candidate for the Florida Legislature is the daughter-in- law of friends of ours. There are two ads, one saying what a great person she is, the other saying she’s a dirtbag. Luckily, she’s competing to represent a district that is not within our voting area so we don’t have to chose. She’s in the enemy camp but it would still be hard to vote against her.

We’re going to the beach next week for our semi annual vacation. The weather person is also showing some tropical disturbance forming up which could roughen up the surf a bit. We’ve been there so often that it’s a second home at this point. I haven’t heard much about bluefish yet but they were reported in the surf a month ago so no reason to think it should be anything but better as the fish migrate here from the Northeast.

I’m giving a good hard look at changing my lifestyle. I’m spending way too much time with doctors, for the most part with checkups as opposed to real world problems. If you look at the calendar, seems like there’s always an eye checkup, a dentist checkup, a skin check, a colonoscopy, a blood test, a kidney stone x-ray, a general physical – just stuff. At my last general physical a few weeks ago, the doc listened very carefully and heard a tick tock that he didn’t like so now I have an appointment to see a cardio guy. I can see that leading to another battery of this, that and the other and more meds to add to the list – which I forget as often as not. Since I’m not a routine, preventative maintenance kind of guy with my car, it’s against my nature to have slipped into this mode with my body. I never take my car in unless it’s giving me problems because my core belief is that there is always something wrong if you dig deep enough and you fix lots of things that don’t really need fixing. Or worse, when fixing something that didn’t really need fixing, you screw something up. I’ve got lots of experience with just that. The plan I’m formulating has me taking each doctor entry on the calendar and changing it to read Beach or kayak or Tomoka River. And to drop all the meds and replace them with a glass of red wine or craft beer. It just makes sense to me that I’d be better off soaking up the salt air and rays than sitting in a doctor’s waiting room full of sick people.

Correction to the last post – the Gators have two more SEC games before the regular season closes. I was mentally locked on Georgia and forgot Missouri. Sorry about that Tommy. Unless something dramatic happens, I doubt seriously they have a snowball’s chance of beating Alabama but for sure they have a decent chance of making it to the big game – Georgia is the only obstacle to that.

Just keep in mind, that if he knew how to fix the economy, he would have – 4 years is plenty long enough. Anybody want to bet that somebody in Libya is going to take the hit for killing the Ambassador in the 10 day period leading up to the election? I just wonder if it will be a clean capture or a tent-drone event. I’m putting my money on the predator nailing the biggest al Qaeda dude in Libya. Sure hope there’s not a camel or goat casualty along the way.

I’m pulling for a very special election result. I’d like Romney to win but lose in Ohio. Getting very tired listening to all the commentators saying that he can’t win the election if he doesn’t win Ohio – maybe it’s the math in my background. I would also be ok with a tie in the electoral college just to see what would happen to the Vice President. It’s my understanding that the House selects the Pres and the Senate, the VP. Would Biden really stay on as VP or would he graciously bow out? Biden, gracious? I don’t think so.

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