Krispy Kreme App

Florida wins again but they really don’t look like a power house-just managing to win. Somehow they achieved the #3 AP ranking. With the schedule ahead of them for the rest of the season, hard to believe they’ll retain that altitude. Next week is South Carolina who, unfortunately, was beaten yesterday by LSU. I was hoping both SC and Florida would be undefeated going into that game. I watched Alabama again and believe they’re in a class by themselves. Unless they lost half their team to injuries, should win the SEC with ease.

We drove up to Gainesville Sunday to see Simon and attend the annual fall art/craft show. Nancy also took the opportunity to fill his freezer with prepared food. Among the places he’s lived, this one seems to be the best – not necessarily location but nice size and amenities. It’s about a 10 minute walk from his apartment to his job and nearly the same to the main campus so that’s convenient. Julia joined us and we had a nice rib lunch followed a few hours later by a trip to Mochi for yogurt. The show itself really blocks off a large chunk of downtown Gainesville and parking is a nightmare. Last year we wandered around for about 15 minutes until we found a parking space. We did the same thing this year and as if by magic, parked in the exact same spot as last year. None of us had any idea exactly where we were but as soon as we saw the spot, all of us recognized it and had a big laugh about our reserved spot. I’m fairly certain that if we set out to find that spot, we couldn’t.

One thing particularly interesting about Simon’s location is that it’s quite close to a Krispy Kreme donut shop. What’s significant about that is that he has an APP on his iphone that alerts him when hot donuts are coming out. Now that’s what I call a technological break through.

I started transplanting the winter crops from seedling trays into the garden. It’s just been too hot up until now and the few I moved to experiment didn’t make it. Turns out I have one problem I hadn’t anticipated – I don’t know exactly what I’m planting. I used the same marker I’ve always used to carefully label each variety but for whatever reason, the ink evaporated or washed off. That’s a problem with the winter crops, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels, collards, and kale, because when young, they all look alike. So if someone points at a particular plant and asks me what it is, no idea. I do, generally speaking, know what I started but it will be at least a month to six weeks before I’ll know where it lives in the garden.

Avalanche peas make an appearance. Looks like very good germination so if all goes well, peas before Christmas. I’ll plant the second tranche before the end of this month to extend the harvest well into January. I was also surprised to see a couple of the onion bulbs sprouting so soon. That’s a good sign.

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