She’s Baaack

She’s baaaack. Definitely an uptick in the eating department.

Another self inflicted crop failure. I planted peas, dwarf sugars, almost two weeks ago and got zero germination. I checked the seed pack and it was 2009 seed which means I probably bought it in 2008. I really should check the dates on seed packs before using and just toss stuff older than 2 years. I have plenty of fresh seeds and a new variety I wanted to try, Avalanche, so using the old, suspect seed is just dumb.

I had to discontinue my experiment with the vinyl tiles under butternuts. In two days 6 of the butternuts on top of the tiles started rotting. I have no idea why, heat buildup, gas emissions……..? So I quickly removed the tiles from those that seemed OK and replaced them with folded newspaper. As the vines grow, they continue to pop out new gourds and I’ve always experienced drop off among the first to form but this seemed excessive to me.

We had a cold front move through which dropped our daytime highs to 87 and the nighttime lows to 68. Based on that, I decided to move to the wild side and plant a carrot patch. I put them in right beside the onion patch. The nice thing about planting these root crops is that you can plant them quite densely so it only takes a small space to get something going. Last year was our first really good carrot year which I attribute to the soft, organic nature of the soil now. The variety that worked so well is Ya Ya. I still have plenty of that seed but decided to first go with an old standard, Nantes. One reason for that is that Nantes was the first variety I tried and experienced nearly a total crop failure. If my premise that the soil is now ready is valid, then the Nantes should work. If not, back to the Ya Ya.

Wonder if this record cold hitting the North country will regrow the arctic ice pack. I wonder more if we’ll hear about it if it does.

I’m noticing a slight shift in the media towards probing the current administration’s problems. Even CNN is finally reporting on the administration’s handling of international problems. I think they’ve been embarrassed by how obviously biased they’ve been and that they are generally losing credibility with the public and becoming irrelevant. I think they’re also getting concerned that their partisanship is going to cost them access if perhaps Romney wins. It may also be dawning on them that Romney was the governor of Massachusetts so deep down inside, he’s one of them. Then there’s the rats leaving the sinking ship theory; hedging their bets; covering all the bases etc etc.

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