Beans are happening

GO GATORS! #4 in the nation. I would never have guessed they would crack the top 10 at the beginning of the season and the schedule ahead of them is tough enough to advance even further if they take care of South Carolina in two weeks. Beating Tennessee and LSU in the same season is a big win – taking down Georgia would finish off the big rivalries. The South Carolina game is big but it’s not a long running rivalry – still beating Spurrier brings it’s own joy.

The first official job when Nancy gets home is to pickle another batch of peppers. The first batch we made has been totally consumed and we need at least another 4 jars to make it through the winter. There are still plenty of blossoms on the jalapeno bushes so perhaps there could even be a fourth batch.

Picked up a pound of onion sets which worked out to be 110 bulbs. After planting half, I’ve decided to stop by the hardware store and get another pound. I’ll plant about half in two weeks and the last batch in early November-that should keep us in onions through the spring. This will be the earliest I’m getting them in but from all I read, nows’ the right time. Onions are cheap veggies so the financials might not seem to make much sense but the convenience of having them close by and the fact that you can pick and use them at almost any point along the growth curve, and that after picking they hold well, makes them mandatory from Nancy’s perspective. I just like the way they grow. I plant 16 of them per square foot so they really don’t take up much room, similar to carrots – which will start going in by the end of the month, maybe a few sooner.

Lots of bean blossoms. I started seeing bush bean blossoms mid week and by the end of the weekend, they were dense. No signs of blossoms on the pole beans on Sunday – quite a few on Monday so things happen overnight. According to calculations using the supplier’s data, we shouldn’t expect to be picking any beans until November but my guess now is that we’ll start before the end of this month.

Trying something new (to me) with the butternut squash this year. The plants are going gangbusters and putting out plenty of gourds, some of which drop off and some of which go on to maturity. One thing that happens to gourds as they grow is that they occasional attract a borer and occasionally start to rot where they’re directly on the ground. My thinking is that if I set the gourds on something that eliminates direct contact with the ground, the rotting problem would be reduced or eliminated. When we installed the sheds, we finished the plywood floor with stick-on vinyl tiles and had a handful left over. I spotted them yesterday and thought they might find a use as mats under the butternuts. So as of now, there are a dozen butternuts sitting on vinyl tiles. In the process I clipped off about half that many which were turning yellow and certainly not going to mature. These plants are quite young in their cycle so I’m guessing that there will be loads and loads of butternuts before the frost gets them.

Let’s see if I have this right – a month before the election we get a jobs report showing very poor performance in terms of adding jobs and the unemployment rate drops. Hmmmm – perhaps a little Chicago counting? Good news for Obama – both Vladimir Putin and Hugo Chavez in Venezuela have voiced support for Obama. I’ve never been happy with the choices this year and still feel like this an election between a Democrat and a Socialist and I hate it that I’m going to have to vote for a Democrat/Massachusetts Republican.

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