Garden Poppin’

I sure feel better about the Gators after they dealt with Tennessee handily. The first game was scary even though they won; ditto game two. Now I’m thinking this can be a respectable season instead of the disaster I was dreading. After all, Tennessee was nationally ranked at #23 so they had some level of respect. Florida was 18 after starting the season at 25 so maybe this win will move them up a notch. The schedule ahead is tough with several top 10 teams on the horizon so I’ll be really surprised if they are still in the top 25 by the end of the season.

pole beans at 3 weeks
pole beans at 3 weeks
bush zuchinni - 3 weeks
bush zuchinni - 3 weeks

I mentioned in the last post that the pole beans were growing quite fast. The picture shows just how fast. The seeds were planted August 28, about 3 weeks ago and the top tendrils you see on the pole are 3′ above the ground. At the same time I planted a bush zucchini seed(s) and the plant is 2′ high and has a 2′ spread on the leaves. Hard to believe that both those were sitting in seed packs 3 weeks ago. The insect cover showing behind the zucchini is covering 3 x 20′ rows of bush beans. All the seeds have pretty much germinated and I wanted to get the insect protection on before they were chomped on by grasshoppers or whatever. The butternut vines are 3′ long. They’re hidden under the insect cover barely showing by the pole beans. I see incredible growth rate every season but it never ceases to amaze me just how fast the stuff takes off. The tomatoes I planted are doing so so. I always plant spare seeds anticipating a fall out and this year I’ve used all my spares and a few volunteers from the empty rows. I did get some mental relief the other day when reading the gardening section of the local newspaper and the columnist, a master gardener, said that it was time to put in fall tomatoes but they were always a hit or miss fall crop always. He said that one year you get great tomatoes, the next not a plant makes it. He can never figure out why – same varieties, same planting schedule and method, same garden – but some years the plants do well and …………………. That made me feel much better. Today I pulled the lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage seedlings from the starter pot and transferred them to individual containers. That’s a really delicate process and my ham hands break off a few along the way. Luckily the seeds for these type vegetables are cheap and plentiful so I plant way more than I need. Any excess that’s survived by planting time, I give to Nancy’s gardening friends. Still way too hot to move them into the direct sun so they’ll be in those containers possibly until mid October. The lettuce is a bit faster so maybe first of the month on those.

Three inches of rain in the last couple of days so the lake is now up to the bottom of the third rung on the ladder – 2‘ to go. I really need it up 3‘ before speckled perch season starts in November.


Doesn’t it just make sense that if Obama knew how to fix the economy, after almost 4 years it would be fixed? By every important economic measure, things are worse today than when he took office. Here’s an interesting factoid – if you count the number of months with unemployment in excess of 8% starting with Truman and ending with George Bush, it’s 34. Obama is now in month 42. That one measurement alone demands he be fired. He may be a nice guy and a good talker but he’s in over his head. Sad but true. If he was a football coach at a top school or the CEO of a major corporation, he’d be history. If he was Japanese, he’d be reaching for the sword.

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