More Concrete

A bachelor again. Nancy and Joanne took off for New York to spend a few days visiting Chris. She’s back again next week, just in time to prepare for her Utah trip at the end of the month. So I’m basically foot loose and fancy free – except for the 25 new bags of concrete that appeared magically at George’s.

I think that’s the final installment of the heavy work phase of the project, not counting building a short stretch of coquina rock wall or putting down some slate pavers. At this point I’m fairly confident the job will be done completely by the end of the month. Check out the pic showing the steps, complete with cobble stones. You’ll notice that the slots between the cobble stones has been filled in as compared to what you see on the deck area. When the job is done, it will all look like the stairs. The picture showing the walkway presents the largest area left to pour. That’s roughly 6 bags of concrete. Beyond that, we pour the pavers in the mold and then cut them apart for use as individual cobble stones to fill in the areas where the whole mold didn’t fit. That will probably take another 2 bags, leaving us with 2 as safety margin or future projects. So when it’s all said and done, we’ll have put down 100 bags of concrete. The whole job is coming out better than I really thought.

cobble stone steps
cobble stone steps
half done side walk
half done side walk

Both the telephone and internet problems seems to be solved. After dropping Nancy off at the airport, I went by Tom’s office with my laptop and he installed the T-Mobile modem in his lab. There was a strong signal and 4G coverage so it was really fast. Later In Pierson, it still worked but not nearly as fast – I think we “no” G compared to 3G and 4G. Comparatively it seems about the same as Virgin Mobile – sometimes faster, sometimes slower – but in the same ball park. Regarding the telephone lines, the repair guy did a temporary splice today, Friday, so I guess we’re ok.

Got the second set of Blue Lake pole beans and the second bush zucchini, Cavili variety this time, planted. That’s 3 weeks since the first set, which seem to be thriving. The pole beans are actually sending out tendrils that are grabbing the pole and climbing. I remember last season the rate of growth was incredible so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I also took a peek under the insect cover and found the butternuts doing just fine. The green bean seeds I planted after the crop failure mentioned in a previous post have popped up nearly 100% so it must have been the seed rather than the location. I’ll give them a few days and then cover them with an insect cover too. I also did a major trimming of the sweet potatoes which should be ready to harvest in 4 weeks. Too bad you can’t eat the vines since they are incredibly prolific. I have to be careful to take the trimmings and put them in the burn pile, not the compost pile. They sprout roots so quickly that they would turn the compost pile into another sweet potato patch in a heart beat.

The lake level is up maybe an inch since the last time I reported on it. Still not up to even the third step on the ladder but I’m hopeful we’ll pass that mark by the end of this weekend. September is often a rainy month and even October has seen a major storm or two so I still have hopes for this season but I’m starting to fear another year of low water.

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