Shade Huts

The pictures shows my new shade huts over the tomato plants and the insect cover over the butternut squash. You can also see the palmetto shade approach I use as well. This is aggressive farming; going to war with the elements. The shade huts are made out of the same cloth you see ringing the garden along the fence. In that case we used it to hold back the soil and keep it from washing away. The rain has turned off again so now I have the daily watering ritual and without the sun protection, the tomatoes would just dry up and blow away. In a couple of months I’ll be wondering how many tomatoes we’ll get before a frost gets them.
I’ll sure be glad when the Socialist Convention is over. Not even sure what the purpose is. There’s only one candidate who’s been campaigning (instead of governing) for most of the past 12 months and we know all there is to know about the personalities and policies involved ie, free birth control pills for the ladies. Not sure why that’s an issue and not free aspirin, or prilosec, or toothpaste. I felt sorry for that poor college girl who has to spend $3000 for birth control pills but is that really where I want my tax dollars going? The “fair” word comes to mind. How about just giving all college kids $3000 and let them spend it on birth control if they want, or beer, or pot or No Doze. My guess is the young lady would take the $3k but still want her birth control paid for by other money. Biggggggg issue. But, you know, I can understand why she wants free pills; what I find truly baffling is how she can gain a speaking position at the convention – in this country. How bout the Dem’s kill the convention and take all the money they’d spend on it and provide free birth control pills to all college girls. It also became really clear to me why so many Dem’s are in favor of abortion. Too bad their mother’s weren’t. Glad tonight’s opening night for the NFL. Generally I’m not an NFL guy but this year, or at least this night, will be different.

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