Rats and Rabbits

Before we left last week, I checked under the hood to make sure nothing had taken up residence after a few weeks of sitting unused. Sure enough, there was a medium size nest in exactly the same spot others had selected and it had started gnawing on the exact same cable harness that had previously been attacked. I can’t tell whether it’s rats or squirrels but looks like I need to start spreading the poison again.

Also before we left first thing in the morning I checked the garden and there were 3 rabbits hopping around inside the fence. That was not too big a surprise since there are three openings where gates will eventually be hung. I assume that’s how they got in since that’s the way they left when I roused them but it is possible that they just hopped over the fence and that would be bad news. So I closed off the openings with wire mesh and since then, have seen no rabbits inside the garden. It’s important now because I have seedlings in the garden that are most vulnerable.

On the SC trip we hit the local Costco and spotted a 37” TV on sale that I was pretty sure would fit exactly into the design of the bedroom. I had it in my mind that the opening was 36” and the TV was 35.8” so it was a tight fit but if I measured it correctly, or rather remembered the dimension correctly, it would work. At the time we had a car full of people so the store manager checked the inventory in the Jacksonville store and found 9 in stock. We had planned to stop there anyway to refill our freezer with meat and other goodies so buying the TV there would fit our plans just fine. Sure enough, they had the same set in Jax, we made the purchase and it fit in the car. Before it could be installed we had to pull out the monster tube style Sony that was currently living in the slot and find a home for it and all the other attached goodies. Luckily a local charity had a pickup service and they came and carried away the old set plus another old one in the other bedroom. We also threw in two VCR’s, a DVD player, loads of VCR tapes and movies, and the digital signal converters. Sure enough, the new one fit with not even 1/4” to spare. It set up in about 10 minutes and I even figured out how to make the DVD work. My bride is a happy camper.

Politics – so all my liberal friends and family can quit reading. I really did understand people electing Obama last time around. Young guy vs old guy; eloquent speaker vs not so eloquent speaker; first black president vs old white guy. No way a lib or a young college age person could pass that up. I even said to myself, how bad could he be. So I missed it too but for sure I didn’t vote for him – I’m ok with old white guys and I thought Sarah was a knock out. But after seeing his performance for 4 years there would be only a few reasons I can think of to vote for reelection; you’re a European style socialist; you’re an old black person and remember the old days; you’re on welfare and plan to stay there; you think Chicago style politics is good for the country; you have a large wager on the election results; you’re brain dead. Forgetting personalities, this is the clearest choice in my lifetime between the American free enterprise system and European style socialism. I’m going to assume most of the people I know who will vote for Obama are not brain dead – some are but not most.

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