Is Isaac Coming?

My bride advised that we’re heading for South Carolina this weekend, leaving Friday morning and returning Monday afternoon. It’s been a couple of years since we visited the family(s) there and there are new homes and remodeling projects to inspect. And of course our great, great nieces. Nancy has a goody bag of things she’s been making for them and mailing them, as I suggested, just wouldn’t work for her.

But what about Isaac? It’s Wednesday, we’re planning to leave on Friday, and there’s a tropical storm brewing that the weather dudes are saying could bang Florida late this weekend or early next week. The current forecast has it landing in South Florida about 2AM Monday morning. Nominally these forecasts are not very good but it would be stupid to totally ignore the warnings. That would have us driving home in potentially nasty, nasty weather or deciding to hole up somewhere on the road. I’ll spend a good bit of today tying down the dock furniture and anything else that is prone to unplanned flying. I also need to load up on gasoline to fuel the generator. I go through roughly 20 gallons of gas from year to year to operate the generator, mower and chipper and, as luck would have it, I’m sitting on empty right now and gas prices are leaping back up. So that’s something else I need to hop on sooner than planned and before the trip. Any way you slice it, the next two days here will not be the relaxed, hang out and chill days I had in mind.

The last few times I mowed the lawn, I noticed there was some black smoke being emitted and an occasional spit and sputter from the engine so I decided to service it. I think we bought it 5 or 6 years ago and other than occasionally checking the oil, have never done anything to it. It almost never fails to start on the first pull which is all I really use as an indicator – that and black smoke. So I pulled the spark plug and sure enough it was really gribby looking; ditto the air filter. I’m fairly sure that all I need to do is clean both of those but after this long time, might as well go ahead and treat the machine to some new parts and change the engine oil. I can even visualize taking the pressure washer to it and bringing it back to like new condition. I’ll still clean the old ones and keep them for spare parts.

2 thoughts on “Is Isaac Coming?

  1. I was reading a couple of your blogs to EJ. This is the asst. you need to help with the garden. He was telling me all about how you would put the covering over the garden to keep out bugs. He knows how to build it too. Probably knows about tickling catfish as well.


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