Special Spider

Check out this spider. I don’t know the scientific name for it but I’ve labeled it the quilter spider because the web looks very much like some of the stitching Nancy does with her Bernina. The spider itself is about 5” tip to tip so it’s not one you want to brush up against.

Quilter Spider
Quilter Spider

New project – pickling jalapeno peppers. Usually Barbara keeps me stocked in pickled peppers but this year she seems to be too busy and the pepper bushes are breaking down with the heavy fruit so I decided to take on the task myself. How difficult can it be? I also picked a dozen or so nice okra and a few Marconi peppers, some green, some red so the contents of the jars will be more than just jalapenos. One pic shows the raw ingredients, the second, the 5 jars we created. I really screwed up though by totally underestimating just how much handling the peppers would burn the skin. I worked with them underwater to kill the fumes and never gave skin burn a second thought. About 5 minutes after finishing up, the pain in my hands started and the swelling began. I soaked them in ice water and Nancy came up with some kind of cream but they kept getting worse. About an hour into it and I’m thinking emergency room when I remembered that I had an aloe plant growing off the front deck. Just a few minutes after coating my hands with the aloe juice, the pain stopped, the red turned back to white, and the swelling went away. Man does that stuff work.

The peppers should be ready to eat in 2-4 week

Ready for pickling
Ready for pickling
Finished product
Finished product

Planted the butternut squash seeds today. They’re a 105 day crop so you can do the math on harvest. We’re usually a little bit faster than advertised, I think maybe because it’s warmer, so sometime between mid November and mid December. I’m going to do my best to shield them from bugs but fall planting in Florida is a real crap shoot. So far so good in that the rains have picked up and the temps dropped just a tad.

3 thoughts on “Special Spider

  1. Do these get spicier with pickling or stay the same? I can’t imagine eating a plain jalapeno but a pickled one sounds interesting.


  2. Won’t know for sure until we pop a jar in about a month but my expectations are that they won’t have the bite that a raw one does since much of the heat is in the seeds which have been removed.


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