another pasta milestone

Getting some nice rains now – an inch Monday night, an inch and a half last night. Lots of lightning. We had one bolt last night that seemed to be right at the edge of the lake, 100′ or so from the house. That definitely reset our clocks but apparently did no damage at all. So in the last 10 days or so, we have topped 10”, maybe a foot of the five we need to return the lake to “full”. Using the ladder as a gauge, we are now a couple of inches over top of the bottom rung.

Went one step further retro in the pasta making – rolled the dough into thin sheets using an old fashion rolling pin instead of the pasta machine. Then the guitar/banjo/chitarra to cut the noodles. I really liked the process better and think it actually went faster. I have no intention of taking the last step back, ie, abandoning the food processor and making the dough the old fashion way. I also played around just a tad with the materials – used 1.5 tbs olive oil instead of 1; 2 eggs instead of 1; and a few drops of milk instead of water. Of course the final test is on the plate and once again, incredible success. I think next time I’m going to try the angel hair pasta side of the banjo.

We’re getting ready for Olivia’s 16th birthday party today and then heading up to North Carolina on Friday to spend the weekend with Simon at the nature camp. It’s about an 11 hour drive so we’ll get underway early and be there to pick him up at 5PM when he gets off work.

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